Kubernetes Doesn’t Have to Mean Throwing Away Your Local Dev Toolkit

Kubernetes Doesn’t Have to Mean Throwing Away Your Local Dev Toolkit

In this tutorial, we will learn the reason why Kubernetes Doesn’t Have to Mean Throwing Away Your Local Dev Toolkit. Let's use your favorite IDE, debugger, or other tools that run locally with Kubernetes

Moving to Kubernetes can mean a lot of changes and challenges for development teams, but it shouldn’t mean your developers can’t use their favorite tools. Changing tools can make it harder for developers to be productive. Challenges they would be able to solve easily with the tools they were comfortable with for their monolith may not be accessible in a Kubernetes environment. This means it can take longer to solve problems or they may not be able to solve them at all.

If organizations adopt Kubernetes to move faster, how can they cope with these changes that slow their individual developers down?


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