Using Dapper ORM with ComponentOne Blazor

Using Dapper ORM with ComponentOne Blazor

Using Dapper ORM with ComponentOne Blazor. How to integrate Dapper with ComponentOne Blazor FlexGrid to perform CRUD operations. ComponentOne Blazor Edition is a set of blazor UI controls provided by ComponentOne.

What is Dapper?

Micro-ORMs are lightweight object-relational mappers (ORM), and Dapper, also known as the King of Micro ORM, is the most popular micro-ORM. It is a simple object mapping tool that lets you work with data using business objects in a .NET application without writing code to map query results from ADO.NET data readers to instances of objects. It is an open-source, lightweight ORM developed by the Stack Overflow team and is very fast compared to other ORMs primarily because of its lightweight. It provides support for both static and dynamic object binding using SQL Query, transactions, and stored procedures.

How Dapper Works

  1. Install Dapper using Nuget Package Manager.

  2. Create the POCO classes for database tables.

  3. Create an IDbConnection Object.

  4. Write a SQL query to perform either of the CRUD operations.

  5. Passe Query as Parameter in the Execute Method to fetch the desired results.

    ComponentOne Blazor Edition is a set of blazor UI controls provided by ComponentOne. For details, refer to  demos and  documentation.

This article will demonstrate how to perform CRUD operations on FlexGrid control from the ComponentOne Blazor Edition using Dapper.

Now, let's integrate the above steps to create a Blazor application that would use Dapper to perform CRUD operations in FlexGrid.

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