Learn How To Implement React Pagination with React Hook and React Paginate

Learn How To Implement React Pagination with React Hook and React Paginate

ReactJS Pagination using React Hooks. Learn about how to implement pagination with React hooks and React paginate to manage and display the vast data conveniently.

While having a web application we did not end up our application with big data that be displayed at that time we need to look up for the pagination for managing vast dataset. As we know that pagination has the ability to maintain the data systematically so, even our data is large or small we need pagination. There are many benefits like decreasing the rendering time, manage the site speed, and many more. Let’s start with the steps to follow
While doing react pagination:

  • First, you need to create and navigate a pagination project.
  • Installs Axios and React Paginate that based on your package manager
  • Then, Import React paginate, React Hook, and Axios
  • Initialize React Hook
  • Fetch the data by using Axios

After, fetching the data by using Axios you can store the response in a variable named data. Moreover, you will find a loop that data using the map function, after that you can return on HTML structure and then store it in a variable named postdata. I think may you find it interesting? I know you are looking for a code structure that will make this easy to understand and also make implementation easy so if you are looking for code structure then we have our interesting article that is worth reading just click on pagination using react hooks and you will reach to our interesting with code structure.

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