5 Reasons People Give Up Learning To Code

5 Reasons People Give Up Learning To Code

I gave up initially, but then I decided to stick around. Here are 5 reasons people give up learning to code.

I was one of the people who gave up, but the situation has changed and now I work as a software developer.

I could have never imagined myself writing this article five years ago when I first started coding. I was at university coding my first “hello world.” I have been coding professionally for two years and have given up maybe a million times since then.

I’m not patient at all. My friends and family complain that I am too active. However, I decided to spend long hours in front of one screen, and in the end, I’m still in this profession.

1. The misconception that anyone can easily become a software developer

2. Comparing yourself to others

3. If you are unsure of your goals and why you started, you give up

4. Buying and not checking courses, and watching a lot of videos and not practicing at all

5. It’s easy to give up when you meet colleagues who don’t believe in you, who mislead you, or always discourage you


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