Building GraphQL APIs with Vue.js and Apollo Client

Learn how to build GraphQL APIs with Vue.js and Apollo Client. Integrate APIs through GraphQL with Vue using Vue-apollo. Install the vue-apollo-client and their dependencies 📦 in your Vue application. GraphQL is the most easygoing way to querying APIs. Apollo client is a community-driven effort to build an easy-to-understand, flexible, and powerful GraphQL client.

API Mocking with Vue and Mirage JS

API mocking can be defined as the simulation of a real API. You can think of it as mimicking the behaviour of what the actual API would do.

Building a CRUD App with Vue and GraphQL

In this tutorial, we’ll learn to build a CRUD app with Vue and GraphQL.

Vue.js 3 Tutorial by Example: Install/Create Vue 3 App and Composition API

Vue.js 3 is the upcoming version of Vue which was re-written from scratch with TypeScript by the Vue team. It's not released to the public yet for the production use, but the beta version is already released.