ReactJS vs Angular: Difference Between ReactJS and Angular [2021]

The ReactJS vs. Angular debate has been one of the hottest and most discussed JavaScript topics for quite some time now. Although there’s no dearth of  JavaScript frameworks and tools, ReactJS vs. Angular are massively popular among developers, thanks to their unique features and benefits.

However, while seasoned developers know very well when to use ReactJS and when to use Angular, it is a tough nut for beginners to crack!

In this post, we’ll indulge in a head-to-head conversation on ReactJS vs. Angular so that you are well aware of the difference between ReactJS and Angular and accordingly make an informed decision on which framework to opt for your next project.

ReactJS vs. Angular: A quick introduction


ReactJS (better known as React) is an open-source  JavaScript library designed for the creation of user interfaces (UIs) and UI components. Facebook along with a community of individual developers maintains and supports React. It is a declarative and component-based library that is mainly used as a base for single-page apps and mobile applications.

An interesting fact about React is that it primarily focuses on rendering data to the DOM. Consequently, you have to use React in combination with other libraries for state management and routing while developing React apps. React offers reusable React library code (to reduce development time and minimize errors). The two fundamental features that enhance React’s appeal and usability are JSX and Virtual DOM.

A React code comprises objects known as components (functional & class-based). Using the React DOM library, you can render the components to a particular entity in the DOM.

Key features

  • It facilitates one-way data binding.
  • It allows the usage of third-party libraries.
  • It is equipped with a useful developer’s toolkit.
  • Virtual DOM delivers an excellent user experience.
  • Lifecycle methods allow for faster development.
  • Conditional statements in JSX make displaying data in the browser much more convenient.

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ReactJS vs Angular: Difference Between ReactJS and Angular [2021]