Microservices Event Sourcing & Event Driven Pattern

Microservices Event Sourcing & Event Driven Pattern. Understanding Microservice Architecture and Different Microservice Patterns. The API Gateway pattern defines how clients access the services in a microservice architecture. The Client-side Discovery and Server-side Discovery patterns are used to route requests for a client to an available service instance in a microservice architecture.

Microservices Event Sourcing & Event Driven Pattern #08

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Microservices Design Patterns - Microservices Architecture Patterns

"Microservices Design Patterns - Microservices Architecture Patterns" talks about the top design patterns you can use to build applications. You will learn: Why do we need Design Patterns? What are Design Patterns? What are Microservices? Principles behind Microservices and Microservices Design Patterns

Event-Driven Microservices with Apache Kafka®, Kotlin, and Ktor

Event-Driven Microservices with Apache Kafka®, Kotlin, and Ktor | Microservice applications often change communication protocols between services from request-response to event streaming. Apache Kafka® is a great choice for addressing the challenges of building high-load applications at scale. This session will provide an introduction on how to use Kotlin and Ktor to build an application that shares geographical coordinates among clients. Anton will give an introduction to Ktor, the Kotlin framework for building connected applications. After that, Viktor will demonstrate how event streaming works with Kafka, and he will identify the other features the platform provides for scaling the solution.

Rapids Rivers Ponds | Event Driven Microservices Pattern

This video covers what are Rapids, Rivers and Ponds in an event driven system