Supercharge Your Java Career With Digital Transformation

Supercharge Your Java Career With Digital Transformation

Combine Java and digital transformation skills to give yourself increased marketability in a forever changing IT world.

If you are an experienced Java developer and you want to know how to get ahead in these unprecedented times, then adding digital transformation skills to your resume will give you the boost you want. 

In this article, I will define digital transformation and discuss how to leverage your Java expertise to gain an advantage in this high demand area. To know more join the Mule Integration for Java professionalsmeetup (also in Spanish) where I discuss this exciting topic together with a chance to receive free professional training and certification. 

Digital Transformation

According to Gartner it’s “the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model”. This is about making it easy for businesses to connect data from any system, no matter where it resides, in order to create connected experiences, faster.

Businesses Challenges

The challenge that businesses face is that their data is fragmented. It's drawn from multiple sources and is frustratingly difficult to process which, for companies that rely on timely and accurate data to operate competitively, is far from optimal. 

So by connecting systems and the unifying data, businesses can easily compose connected experiences while maintaining security and control. This enables them to unlock capabilities to build solutions that deliver exponentially increasing value and innovate at scale.

Digital Transformation Under Covid-19

Businesses care a great deal about digital transformation and have been implementing methods to achieve it for many years. However, in these challenging times, the need for business transformation is even more urgent and has been made so by the demand to provide services and products online. The current covid-19 pandemic has accelerated organisations' efforts to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour and those businesses that succeed will continue to flourish while those that fail to adapt quickly enough will fall behind and risk failure.

Java Professionals and Digital Transformation

The demand for Java professionals with digital transformation expertise has skyrocketed during the last few months. As businesses rapidly shift their efforts to adapt to the new normal they have a greater need to unlock and unify their data. They know by doing so that it empowers their business to create connected data experiences faster and in a more scalable way that satisfies their customers. The enabler of this digital transformation is the modern API.

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