A Flutter Template to Get Started Quickly

A Flutter Template to Get Started Quickly

Flutter Template .A Flutter Template to Get Started Quickly

Flutter Template

  • dependency injection (kiwi)
  • network layer (dio)
  • network logging (niddler, dio)
  • viewmodels (provider)
  • translations (icapps translations)
  • json serialization (json_serializable)
  • different environments
  • themes
  • navigator
  • linting (flutter analyze)

Update the translations

A custom dart program is used for updating the translations


Update your config in the pubspec.yaml

  api_key: 'enter-your-api-key'
  default_language: 'nl'
  languages: ['en', 'nl']

Add your locale folder to your flutter config

    - assets/locale/

Command to run to update the translations

flutter packages pub run icapps_translations

Json Serializable & Kiwi

flutter packages pub run build_runner build
flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
flutter packages pub run build_runner watch


--release is not available for emulators. Performance will be better

Dev, Debug

flutter run --flavor dev -t lib/main.dart

flutter run --release --flavor dev -t lib/main.dart


Note: a hot reload is required after launch to use the correct launch file.

flutter run --flavor dev -t lib/main_dummy.dart

flutter run --release --flavor dev -t lib/main_dummy.dart


flutter run --flavor alpha -t lib/main_alpha.dart

flutter run --release --flavor alpha -t lib/main_alpha.dart


flutter run --flavor beta -t lib/main_beta.dart

flutter run --release --flavor beta -t lib/main_beta.dart

Prod, Release

flutter run --flavor prod -t lib/main_prod.dart

flutter run --release --flavor prod -t lib/main_prod.dart



Niddler is a network tracing tool written by Nicola Verbeeck. An Android Studio and Intelij plugin is available to download in the plugin store. (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/10347-niddler - https://github.com/Chimerapps/niddler-ui) Niddler is also available for Android & Java (OkHttp: https://github.com/icapps/niddler)


To check your code matches our linting. The analysis_options.yaml contains all our code checks.

flutter analyze


In order to run our test we need to run

flutter test

If we want to update our golden files we need to run

flutter test --update-goldens


Fastlane is used for building iOS and Android

Transform this template project

Rename this project

This script will run a dart script. The dart script itself will ask you some input to complete the full rename

Add provisioning files
place the provisioning profiles -> provision_profile/**
naming should be the same as provided in the iOS/Configuration/** files (underscore will be replaced with a space in the configuration files)
Configure the required languages in xCode

icapps Translations

Update the translations.py file (edit the todos)


Obfuscation is enabled by default when using fastlane for building. The symbol files are stored in ./build/debug-info/#{options[:flavor]}

Important: Add the following regex to jenking configuration to also archive the symbol files



Replace the files in assets_launcher_icons/

You can also change the adaptive_icon_background in the flutter_launcher_icons-{flavor}.yaml (currently "#CB2E63") (only available for Android 8.0 devices and above)

After this, run the following command

flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main -f flutter_launcher_icons-dev.yaml

Common issues

No Flavor provided

Add a flavor to your configuration. Extra info can be found in this issue -> https://github.com/icapps/flutter-template/issues/3


For question contact Koen Van Looveren


When you have completed this readme. Replace it with the readme for your project.

Download Details:

Author: icapps

Source Code: https://github.com/icapps/flutter-template

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