What are the features of ecommerce?

What are the features of ecommerce?

![What are the features of ecommerce? is image title](https://www.brsoftech.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Amazon-Clone-readymade-solution-for-your-dream-Online-eCommerce-business-1-min.jpg "What are the features of ecommerce? is image...

What are the features of ecommerce? is image title

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform that offers everything such as electronics, online retail, digital content, food items, clothes, computing services, grocery services, etc.

  • Reviews and ratings
  • List of payment options
  • Push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Wishlist
  • A fast and simple checkout process

Reviews and ratings

As an eCommerce business owner, you should be ready to accept criticism from the customers. Understanding the problems of your customers will improve your application for the long run to achieve goals.

Your eCommerce website or app should have a review section. Where customers can review your services after using them. This is a basic feature of an online marketplace.

Customers depend on reviews from other customers before purchasing products. You should show both the positive and negative reviews of every product. It helps customers to educated about the products.

Payment Modes

Today, due to the evolution of the Internet, customers can do payments digitally. Your application or website must support as many modes of payment as possible.

Otherwise, you may lose lots of customers if they do not find their preferred mode of payment in your eCommerce application or website. Avoid such scenarios, always integrate multiple payment options in your Amazon clone.


Notification allows for an effective way of communication with your customers. Customers can be notified about the discounts and ongoing offers. Also about the important updates can be given with this feature. This helps in increasing the sales and offers and generate more revenue.

Social media integration

Ecommerce applications and websites are run on selling products. Therefore, spreading word mouth about the company and products is good for long-term success. Social media platform integration is the fastest way to spread word mouth.

You should also ensure social media features should be on your website or application. The integration of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media ensures new users sign up and start using your product.


A wishlist is one of the most useful features in any eCommerce app or website. This feature lets your costumes save products they are interested in.

They can find their favorite products easily when they want to purchase. Users often save items to their wishlist when they currently lack the money. This happens at the end of the month when customers have low money.

You can see the wishlists from the backend panel of the website and app to get better insight into the consumer’s behavior and preference.

Fast and simple checkout

Customers spend most of their time on eCommerce sites and apps. They select appropriate products for them to purchase. They want to enjoy a simple checkout procedure. In the case of complicated checkout, they more likely to leave.

Simplifying the checkout process is the top priority when developing an app or website. Checkout has the ability to add debit or credit card details for transactions. With this feature, customers can simply choose their saved card.


Now you know all the vital features required of an eCommerce app or website. you can now start planning for the development of an app or website like amazon. Keep in mind that there are countless similar applications and you can use their clone scripts.

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