Converting the Vue.js Markdown Editor Demo to Vanilla JS

Converting the Vue.js Markdown Editor Demo to Vanilla JS

A few weeks ago, I created a few videos of me converting jQuery plugins to vanilla JS. Today, I’m converting the Vue.js markdown editor demo into vanilla JS.

A few weeks ago, I created a few videos of me converting jQuery plugins to vanilla JS. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing with the demo projects from a few popular frameworks.

Today, I’m converting the Vue.js markdown editor demo into vanilla JS. Let’s dig in.

Watch me code

If you want, you can watch me code this project.

You can also download the source code on GitHub.

How I approached this project

The first thing I did was rip out Vue and lodash from the source code. We’re not going to need either of them. I left in the marked.js library, however, because converting markdown to HTML is something I’m happy to let a library handle for me.

I also stripped out all of the Vue syntax and properties from the elements in the HTML.

<div id="editor">

Next, I used the querySelector() method to get the textarea element, and the div that the compiled HTML is getting rendered into.

// Variables
var text = document.querySelector('#editor textarea');
var compiled = document.querySelector('#editor div');

Converting markdown to HTML #

Whenever the value of the textarea changes, we want to parse it into markdown and render it into the UI.

The Vue demo uses lodash to debounce this event so that it only runs after the user has stopped typing for 300 milliseconds. The thing is, we don’t need a whole 30kb library for that!

First, I attached an input event handler to the text element with the addEventListener() method. I passed in a named function, changeHandler(), as my callback.

text.addEventListener('input', changeHandler);

In the changeHandler() function, I pass the text.value, the text in the textarea element, into the global marked() function that marked.js creates. I also kept the {sanitize:true} option that was in the Vue.js demo.

Then, I use the innerHTML property to inject the resulting HTML into the compiled element.

// On change event, process text into markdown and render
var changeHandler = function () {
    compiled.innerHTML = marked(text.value, {sanitize: true});

You typically want to sanitize third-party content like user-generated inputs, but the older version of marked.js that the demo uses appears to do this for you.

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