WhatsApp Application with Video and Audio Call in Android

WhatsApp Application with Video and Audio Call in Android

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Description Learn how to create a whatsapp-like application with video and audio call using firebase and android studio.

My name is ini hood and i will be teaching you about android development:

You will learn a lot about android development, firebase development (firestore), and webRtc technology.

which is used for video or audio communication. And then we will talk about quickblox which makes use of webRtc but in a more understandable way.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in android and firebase development Anyone interested in computer programming Basic knowledge I will recommend you have a basic of android development What will you learn You will learn a lot about android development You will learn a lot about firebase development You will learn a lot about webRtc framework You will learn a lot about quickblox To continue:

mobiledevelopment android

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