Javascript Testing Selenium Automation Nightwatch js Nodejs

Javascript Testing Selenium Automation Nightwatch js Nodejs

Simpliv offers solid learning on the basics of Selenium Automation Scripts and how they help automate the browser. By the end of this highly practical course, you will be able to build a Testing Framework from scratch. All at just $9! Enroll today!

Description We will go over of basics such as what is selenium and how it help automate the browser.

To complete Setup and Installation of Nightwatch js Testing framework and we will create Test plan and test case, we will manually test a real website and then take those test case and we will automate it.

As we build our framework we will see how page object model/pattern help us re-use our code and how scale our test cases with ease

Who is the target audience?

Manual QA, SDET,Developer, Devops and anyone Interested in Learning Automation Testing Basic knowledge Beginner Level understanding on Software Testing What will you learn Basics of Selenium Automation Scripts, by the end build a Testing Framework from scratch

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