30 Programming Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

A list of jokes and memes relatable to all programmers. Being a programmer is a fun job. And many funny incidents occur throughout a programmer’s career. Here are a few jokes that can be relatable to you as a programmer.

Threat Actors Introduce Unique ‘Newbie’ Hacker Forum

CryptBB becomes more inclusive by inviting less experienced hackers to learn from expert cybercriminals and one another.

NO! GPT-3 Will Not Steal Your Programming Bob | Hacker Noon

TL;DR; GPT-3 will not take your programming job (Unless you are a terrible programmer, in which case you would have lost your job anyway) Once again the hype of artificial intelligence has broken in the news. This time under the name of GPT-3, the successor of GPT-2 (of course), a model that is so large and so powerful that is making people think we finally made AGI, artificial general intelligence, possible

6 Programming Jokes That Will Make You LOL

We like jokes that are cracked at the expense of someone else’s code.

How We Improved Spark Jobs on HDFS Up To 30 Times | Hacker Noon

As the third largest e-commerce site in China, Vipshop processes large amounts of data collected daily to generate targeted advertisements for its consumers. In this article, guest author Gang Deng from Vipshop describes how to meet SLAs by improving struggling Spark jobs on HDFS by up to 30x, and optimize hot data access with Alluxio to create a reliable and stable computation pipeline for e-commerce targeted advertising.