Python and Kubernetes Events: March 2019 - DeepSource

Python and Kubernetes Events: March 2019 - DeepSource

DeepSource was present at local meetups — BangPypers & Kubernetes 101 in Bangalore to talk about Continuous Quality & Kubernetes. Here's the gist of the talks. We care deeply about the developer community at DeepSource. Giving back to the community aligns with our mission of helping developers ship good code.

We care deeply about the developer community at DeepSource. Giving back to the community aligns with our mission of helping developers ship good code.

On this Saturday, March 16 2019, Sanket and Jai were present at local meet-ups to deliver talks. Here’s a gist:

BangPypers: Python Testing Talks

Sanket delivered a talk titled Introduction to Continuous Quality. Along with a refresher to concepts of CI and CD, the process of CQ was introduced, discussing how it benefits the development process, and where it lies with CI and CD in the pipeline. The talk also included a demo of a CQ workflow powered by GitHub, DeepSource and CircleCI.

Kubernetes 101: Hands-on session for beginners

Jai delivered a talk titled Introduction to Kubernetes Networking, in which he talked about terminologies related to networking in Kubernetes and how components inside the cluster talk to each other. The session also included an overview of internals of cluster networking, including coreDNS and kube-proxy.

Jai speaking at Kubernetes Meetup

The team thanks the organizers of both the events for the opportunity to share our knowledge!

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