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What are the Benefits of Flutter App development for Mobile devices?

Are you opting for a mobile application for your online business? Are you sorted about your online business venture and planning to launch a mobile app? We are in a digitalized world, Due to the incorrect choice of mobile app development. The online business faces a high flop rate. To develop your apps in 2021, prefer a cross-platform framework, Flutter App development.

Flutter, a mobile app development framework that is popular across the coder's world. Flutter owns all elements of cross-platform to build a robust application shortly. 

Striking Growth Statistics of Flutter Technology

  • The developer survey of Statista says. Flutter signifies the most popular cross-platform mobile framework adopted by developers worldwide.
  • Based on the Statista survey. 42% of the developers used Flutter app development technology. 
  • According to StackOverflow, Flutter is one of the most wanted apps. Around 68.8% of developers love Flutter & have shown attention to develop it in the future.
  • According to Google Trends. The interest in Flutter development increased in the past 18 months in the United States.
  • According to flutter data, around 100,000 apps have launched since the introduction., The New York Times app, Tencent, Square, and Google Assistant. These are the most popular Flutter apps. 

The above statistics reveal the growth of flutter technology in developing mobile apps. An emerging trend which many coders agree with it. Also, This encourages many mobile app development companies. To offer their clients flutter technology-based apps.

Top advantages of Flutter App technology

The Flutter technology grows on both the market presence and features side. It proved to developers that the future of cross-platform development belongs to Flutter. 

Any scale of business acquires benefits by using Flutter in their App development. It supports many app development companies as the most popular cross-platform application development.

Here, I list some pointers that visualize the advantages of Flutter to developers.

Open Source

Flutter is the open-source code software development toolkit by Google. It eases access to documentation and issues posting from the open developer forums. It also guides Flutter programmers to learn and grow with the software upgrades. It also increases the efficiency and productivity of the developers. Thus, It Results in less time and cost for the whole project.

Single Codebase

The feature which makes Flutter effective is the write-once & use it many times. The old cross-platform tradition and limitations of writing different codes are gone. That is, the developer can use the single codebase for both developments of Android and IOS. As a result, it saves the time and cost of app development. 

Flutter has been a hybrid application development framework. And also, it reduces the daily efforts of users and developers. Hence they can soon improve the quality of application, design, and speed of the app.

Deployed Dart as the Programming Language

Flutter utilizes Dart as an object-oriented programming language to create applications. Dart resembles Java and uses lots of popular features from other languages too. It eases the usual tasks of developers with its reactive programming style. The noticeable features of Dart are,

  • Rich standard library 
  • garbage collection
  • Strong typing
  • Generics
  • Async-awaits. 

Hot Reload 

The unique feature of Flutter is the hot-reload or hot-restart. That lets developers see instant code changes. While the developers are coding, they can view the changes side by side. Developers can work without interruptions and waiting for updates to continue the framework. Also, This, in turn, boosts the developer's productivity and works well for bug fixes. Moreover, it reduces the time consumption to develop a robust app. 

Performance alike Native App

When building apps on Flutter, you will get fast execution speed on any platform. As, it uses the Dart programming language, which is simple, easy to compile into native. Comparison to other app development platform it improves the app's performance.

Trim code writing & app testing

The Flutter app development process is very effective. Single code to speed up the process to make it efficient and easy. The single code approach lets developers reuse different plugins in a short time. 

When it comes to testing a cross-platform mobile app, a simple QA process is enough. For verifying the features, functionality, and program of the app. 

Tech Community

The supportive community of developers contributes to making Flutter better. They make it easier for new developers to access and learn the framework. There are around 50 videos to guide the building of the software toolkit. Anyone with ease can start developing an application with help from the team.

Custom Widgets

Flutter offers custom widgets to support developers in their development process. It designs a basic UI quicker and faster. All you have to do is, create a UI once. It is trouble-free to adapt it to different resolutions, screens, & platforms. You can also wrap one widget inside another to enable various functions.

It Attracts Many Investors

MVP represents the bottom line functions and features of an app. MVP built on Flutter is adaptable over many platforms. And also, it provides a high-quality UX. In this way, it attracts many investors and enables them to fund your app project.

Create Apps for Mobile, Desktop, and Web

When you develop an app with Flutter, you will get the advantage of creating a reliable app. You can develop apps for six different platforms together. Also, it includes operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web.

Requires Less Testing

The usual testing requires checking compatibility on different platforms. Also, a single code base with no changes runs over many platforms. One needs to test a Flutter application once and save it many times for the developer.

To conclude

There are many reasons why Flutter must be your first choice to develop a new mobile application. Flutter is trending because of its many benefits. I hope the above pointers guide you in making the right choice. And Also, by choosing Flutter technology for building a new application.


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What are the Benefits of Flutter App development for Mobile devices?
Fredy  Larson

Fredy Larson


How long does it take to develop/build an app?

With more of us using smartphones, the popularity of mobile applications has exploded. In the digital era, the number of people looking for products and services online is growing rapidly. Smartphone owners look for mobile applications that give them quick access to companies’ products and services. As a result, mobile apps provide customers with a lot of benefits in just one device.

Likewise, companies use mobile apps to increase customer loyalty and improve their services. Mobile Developers are in high demand as companies use apps not only to create brand awareness but also to gather information. For that reason, mobile apps are used as tools to collect valuable data from customers to help companies improve their offer.

There are many types of mobile applications, each with its own advantages. For example, native apps perform better, while web apps don’t need to be customized for the platform or operating system (OS). Likewise, hybrid apps provide users with comfortable user experience. However, you may be wondering how long it takes to develop an app.

To give you an idea of how long the app development process takes, here’s a short guide.

App Idea & Research


_Average time spent: two to five weeks _

This is the initial stage and a crucial step in setting the project in the right direction. In this stage, you brainstorm ideas and select the best one. Apart from that, you’ll need to do some research to see if your idea is viable. Remember that coming up with an idea is easy; the hard part is to make it a reality.

All your ideas may seem viable, but you still have to run some tests to keep it as real as possible. For that reason, when Web Developers are building a web app, they analyze the available ideas to see which one is the best match for the targeted audience.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when you are developing an app. It saves time when shaping the app in the right direction as you have a clear set of objectives. Likewise, analyzing how the app affects the market is essential. During the research process, App Developers must gather information about potential competitors and threats. This helps the app owners develop strategies to tackle difficulties that come up after the launch.

The research process can take several weeks, but it determines how successful your app can be. For that reason, you must take your time to know all the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, possible app strategies, and targeted audience.

The outcomes of this stage are app prototypes and the minimum feasible product.

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Hire Dedicated Flutter App Developer USA| Flutter App Developers

Hire Flutter App Developers: WebClues Infotech is a Flutter App Development company. Our Flutter mobile app development team can create cross-platform apps for different industry verticals. Our Flutter developers will help you extend your business’s scope by developing enhanced functionality and a feature-rich app. To provide a rich user experience to your users, hire dedicated Flutter app developers from WebClues Infotech today!

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Google's Flutter 1.20 stable announced with new features - Navoki

Flutter Google cross-platform UI framework has released a new version 1.20 stable.

Flutter is Google’s UI framework to make apps for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Fuchsia OS. Since the last 2 years, the flutter Framework has already achieved popularity among mobile developers to develop Android and iOS apps. In the last few releases, Flutter also added the support of making web applications and desktop applications.

Last month they introduced the support of the Linux desktop app that can be distributed through Canonical Snap Store(Snapcraft), this enables the developers to publish there Linux desktop app for their users and publish on Snap Store.  If you want to learn how to Publish Flutter Desktop app in Snap Store that here is the tutorial.

Flutter 1.20 Framework is built on Google’s made Dart programming language that is a cross-platform language providing native performance, new UI widgets, and other more features for the developer usage.

Here are the few key points of this release:

Performance improvements for Flutter and Dart

In this release, they have got multiple performance improvements in the Dart language itself. A new improvement is to reduce the app size in the release versions of the app. Another performance improvement is to reduce junk in the display of app animation by using the warm-up phase.


If your app is junk information during the first run then the Skia Shading Language shader provides for pre-compilation as part of your app’s build. This can speed it up by more than 2x.

Added a better support of mouse cursors for web and desktop flutter app,. Now many widgets will show cursor on top of them or you can specify the type of supported cursor you want.

Autofill for mobile text fields

Autofill was already supported in native applications now its been added to the Flutter SDK. Now prefilled information stored by your OS can be used for autofill in the application. This feature will be available soon on the flutter web.


A new widget for interaction

InteractiveViewer is a new widget design for common interactions in your app like pan, zoom drag and drop for resizing the widget. Informations on this you can check more on this API documentation where you can try this widget on the DartPad. In this release, drag-drop has more features added like you can know precisely where the drop happened and get the position.

Updated Material Slider, RangeSlider, TimePicker, and DatePicker

In this new release, there are many pre-existing widgets that were updated to match the latest material guidelines, these updates include better interaction with Slider and RangeSliderDatePicker with support for date range and time picker with the new style.


New pubspec.yaml format

Other than these widget updates there is some update within the project also like in pubspec.yaml file format. If you are a flutter plugin publisher then your old pubspec.yaml  is no longer supported to publish a plugin as the older format does not specify for which platform plugin you are making. All existing plugin will continue to work with flutter apps but you should make a plugin update as soon as possible.

Preview of embedded Dart DevTools in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code flutter extension got an update in this release. You get a preview of new features where you can analyze that Dev tools in your coding workspace. Enable this feature in your vs code by _dart.previewEmbeddedDevTools_setting. Dart DevTools menu you can choose your favorite page embed on your code workspace.

Network tracking

The updated the Dev tools comes with the network page that enables network profiling. You can track the timings and other information like status and content type of your** network calls** within your app. You can also monitor gRPC traffic.

Generate type-safe platform channels for platform interop

Pigeon is a command-line tool that will generate types of safe platform channels without adding additional dependencies. With this instead of manually matching method strings on platform channel and serializing arguments, you can invoke native class and pass nonprimitive data objects by directly calling the Dartmethod.

There is still a long list of updates in the new version of Flutter 1.2 that we cannot cover in this blog. You can get more details you can visit the official site to know more. Also, you can subscribe to the Navoki newsletter to get updates on these features and upcoming new updates and lessons. In upcoming new versions, we might see more new features and improvements.

You can get more free Flutter tutorials you can follow these courses:

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Jones Brianna


List Of The Top Pittsburgh Mobile App Development Companies
Let’s look at the list of top list of the top Pittsburgh mobile app development companies which are known for providing top-notch services globally. They are great developers who provide quality services for all your needs.

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Juned Ghanchi


Flutter App Development Company India, Flutter App Developers for Hire

We build the best-in-class flutter apps that let your business work with great capacity and with a lower operating cost. And businesses can perform well and achieve higher productivity with minimal efforts.

Using app built by our developers eliminates the need to hire separate programmers for native platforms. The apps developed with the Flutter SDK package are heavily optimized for native style platforms and API integrations.

Hire the flutter app developers in India and get natively compiled top-notch app for mobile, web, and desktop.

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