Dynamically Importing Modules in JavaScript

Dynamically Importing Modules in JavaScript

Dynamically Importing Modules in JavaScript. A better way to implement modular imports in your JavaScript is to use dynamic module imports. Much like static module imports, you can import certain modules only when they are needed — but dynamic module imports allow you to import the code only where it is absolutely necessary using conditional logic statements. This will lead to much faster page load speeds because the browser is not trying to download all the JavaScript right away. If they user does not need to use a module, it will not be loaded.

When it comes to developing effective sites, page load speed is crucial — especially for user that are visiting from mobile devices on their mobile carrier’s network speed. In 2021, Google ranks sites based on several factors — from Cumulative Layout Shifts to page load speeds and unused JavaScript that bloats the files and decreases loading time and performance. By working diligently to reduce the number of scripts and the amount of time it takes to load a page, a site will score higher on Google and other search engines, which in turn will help users find your site and increase the number of visitors you receive.

In modern JavaScript, JS files can be broken down into multiple, smaller files and components can be exported only when needed. This helps with page load times and makes you codebase easier to manage and comb through should you or another developer need to review or refactor it later. Here is an example of how a JavaScript module can be imported into JavaScript:

import User, { userDetail } from './Users.js'

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