Must Read 10 PHP Interview Questions and Answers For Beginners & Experienced [2021]

Must Read 10 PHP Interview Questions and Answers For Beginners & Experienced [2021]

Must Read 10 PHP Interview Questions and Answers For Beginners & Experienced [2021] - Preparing for your PHP interview? We are here to help you with PHP interview questions and answers. What is the top 10 PHP framework? What is a lambda function in PHP?

PHP is one of the top-most programming languages to learn in 2020.



Are you planning to learn a programming language? Do you want to stay with the latest technology trends?

Do not wait, learn PHP, and excel with PHP interview questions and answers. It is the programming language that will increase your demand for a high paid job.

PHP is a scripting language. It is perfect for creating a dynamic website and Restful API for mobile. PHP at the first stand for “Personal Home Page.” The Danish-Canadian programmer started developing PHP in 1994. He uses it to maintain his homepage. PHP grew organically as a programming language by a group of developers. At present, PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP files have extension .php and it can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code. When you execute PHP code on the server, it returns the result as plain HTML to the browser.

Top 10 PHP Interview Questions and Answers

Following are some of the most asked PHP Interview Questions

1. What is PEAR PHP?

2. Is PHP a case sensitive language?

3. Explain the differences between PHP constants and variables?

4. Define some constant in PHP?

5. Explain different types of PHP variables?

6. What is the top 10 PHP framework?

7. Explain the main difference between ASP.NET and PHP?

8. What is a lambda function in PHP?

9. How can you connect to a URL in PHP?

10. What is the session and cookies in PHP?


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