10 Mistakes When Sizing Cloud Resources

10 Mistakes When Sizing Cloud Resources

10 mistakes when Sizing Cloud resources. We'll look at the common pitfalls and discuss how you can avoid them to truly benefit from the cloud's elasticity. It’s considered a best practice to tag your resources based on projects.

Avoid those to optimize for cost and performance

One of the most common concerns when moving to the cloud is cost. Given that cloud allows you to turn IT costs from CAPEX (long-term investments ex. in hardware equipment and software licenses ) into OPEX (day-to-day operating expenses ), it’s crucial to choose the right service and size it properly. In this article, we’ll look at the common pitfalls and discuss how you can avoid them to truly benefit from the cloud’s elasticity.

#1 Following the lift and shift approach

#2 Not tagging your resources

#3 Failing to monitor resource usage over time

#4 Always doing everything yourself from scratch

#5 Using only tools you are familiar with

#6 Not making use of serverless and container orchestration platforms

#7 Not taking TCO into account

#8 Thinking short term

#9 Overprovisioning everything “just-in-case”

#10 Choosing the wrong datastore

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