How to decide on the platforms for the mobile app development

This is the big question that comes first when you start developing the mobile app,there are several instances where you will have to go for the IOS as the primary platform to develop and in some other cases you will have to choose android but in some other cases both of them are to be opted in the below blog we let you know what to develop first either for the single platform for the multiple platform

There are few factors to consider while deciding weather IOS,Android or both and hear are some

The demography of both the platforms differs by major extent where the android holds the more user base in many countries Ios comes next when compared to the user base but the IOS or the apple phone users are more likely to convert ot any kind of in app promotions when you consider the demography you can say that the android is the platform that you will have to develop the app first but there are also other factors to consider while developing the app but not just the demography

Revenue models
When the revenue model is concerned since there are a lot of apps on the google play store of android they support more of apps that are consisting of in app ads but the people tend to purchase app more likely in the app store

Speed of development
Usually the speed of development varies from one another due to the release cycles,normally android app development takes more longer than that of the ios app development because the android app has the issue of fragmentation but this fragmentation issue is slowly coming down since 2016

The other factor that also matters in the development is the approval of the app in this case the android apps gets approved easily but the approval of the ios apps do take more time

The UI designing part
Ios is much more user friendly than that of android where the IOS user interface is built on platforms like If you want more customization then you will have to choose the android but making more customisation means more time you can also use the google’s material design to develop the interactive UI

When IOS is the best
When the coding is concerned you can write the quality code more easily with the IOS han the android apps and when the user engagement is concerned IOS has more user engagement than that of the android

When android is best

If you want larger audience base then the option for you is the android when yo choose the android as the platform then you are concenterating on 80% of the audience

When should you choose the both the platform
When you want to make sure that you target the max users and also the quality user then you will have to opt for both platforms Here you are going to be using full force of the development teams Generally when top mobile app development companies in dubai are building the mobile apps they do build it for both the platforms since they will be targeting both the factor of higher audience base and the reliable audience base

When you are deciding on what are the platforms to develop you will encounter certain questions and there are certain doubts that has to be cleared the above blog clears the doubts and most the mobile app development companies in dubai make sure that they select the proper platform for developing the mobile apps

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How to decide on the platforms for the mobile app development