The Universe - Big Bang Theory, Red Shift and Blue Shift - DataFlair

The Universe - Big Bang Theory, Red Shift and Blue Shift - DataFlair

Learn about the Universe - Most accepted theory of its origin and its end, the Big Bang Theory, Evidence Supporting Expansion of the Universe - Red Shift

As a kid, every one of you must have wondered what lies beyond the thick blanket of sky, the common mysterious roof we all share. The stars, the Sun, the Moon all seemed to be so closely related to us. And then one day, you must have come across the terms – Universe, Big Bang theory, and many other heavy fascinating words accompanied with millions of myths. Let’s today get to know the cosmic system of matter and energy of which our Earth and hence the whole human race is a part of, the Universe.

The Universe-Big Bang, Redshift, Blueshift

What is the Universe?

Universe has fascinated the ancient hunter-gatherers, guiding them for the paths and change in time, middle-age astrologers, helping them predict the future, and lately the physicists and the scientists making them learn its mysteries. In earlier times, a self-centered human species used to believe that the Earth, the Sun, the Moon are the main objects of creation. But to its surprise, it was discovered that Earth is only a small ball of rock in a space of unimaginable vastness. Also, the birth of the solar system is just one event among many others that occurred in an already mature universe.

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