Top 20 JavaScript Shorthand Techniques that will save your time

Top 20 JavaScript Shorthand Techniques that will save your time

The shorthand techniques of any programming language help you to write more clean and optimized code. Shorthand techniques improve readability of your code and you can achieve your goal with less coding. Let’s discuss some of the shorthand techniques of JavaScript one by one. In this tutorial, you'll see Top 20 JavaScript Shorthand Techniques that will save your time

The shorthand techniques of any programming language help you to write more clean and optimized code. Shorthand techniques improve readability of your code and you can achieve your goal with less coding. Let’s discuss some of the shorthand techniques of JavaScript one by one.

1. Declaring variables

let x; let y = 20; 

let x, y = 20;

2. Assigning values to multiple variables

We can assign values to multiple variables in one line with array destructuring.

let a, b, c; 
a = 5; 
b = 8; 
c = 12;

let [a, b, c] = [5, 8, 12];

3. The Ternary operator

We can save 5 lines of code here with ternary (conditional) operator.

let number = 26; 
let isEven; 
if(number % 2){
 isEven = true; 
 isEven = false; 
let isEven = number % 2 ? true : false;

4. Assigning default value

We can use OR(||) short circuit evaluation to assign a default value to a variable in case the expected value found empty.

let imagePath; 
let path = getImagePath(); 
if(path !== null && path !== undefined && path !== '') { 
  imagePath = path; 
} else { 
  imagePath = 'default.jpg'; 

let imagePath = getImagePath() || 'default.jpg';

5. AND(&&) Short circuit evaluation

If you are calling a function only if a variable is true, then using AND(&&) short circuit you can do it in a single line.

if (isLoggedin) {

isLoggedin && goToHomepage();

Here in shorthand technique, if isLoggedin returns true, then only goToHomepage() will execute.

6. Swap two variables

To swap two variables, we often use a third variable. We can swap two variables easily with array destructuring assignment.

let x = 'Hello', y = 55; 

const temp = x; 
x = y; 
y = temp; 

[x, y] = [y, x];

7. Arrow Function

function add(num1, num2) { 
   return num1 + num2; 

const add = (num1, num2) => num1 + num2;

8. Template Literals

We normally use + operator to concatenate string values with variables. With ES6 template literals we can do it in a more simple way.

console.log('You got a missed call from ' + number + ' at ' + time); 

console.log(`You got a missed call from ${number} at ${time}`);

9. Multi-line String

For multiline string we normally use + operator with a new line escape sequence (\n). We can do it in an easier way by using backticks (`).

console.log('JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a\n' +             'programming language that conforms to the \n' + 
'ECMAScript specification. JavaScript is high-level,\n' + 
'often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm.' ); 
console.log(`JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. JavaScript is high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm.`);

10. Multiple condition checking

For multiple value matching, we can put all values in array and use indexOf() method.

if (value === 1 || value === 'one' || value === 2 || value === 'two') { 
// Execute some code 

// Shorthand 
if ([1, 'one', 2, 'two'].indexOf(value) >= 0) { 
// Execute some code 

11. Object Property Assignment

If the variable name and object key name is same then we can just mention variable name in object literals instead of both key and value. JavaScript will automatically set the key same as variable name and assign the value as variable value.

let firstname = 'Amitav'; 
let lastname = 'Mishra'; 

let obj = {firstname: firstname, lastname: lastname}; 

let obj = {firstname, lastname};

12. String into a Number

There are built in methods like parseInt and parseFloat available to convert a string to number. We can also do this by simply providing a unary operator (+) in front of string value.

let total = parseInt('453'); 
let average = parseFloat('42.6'); 

let total = +'453'; 
let average = +'42.6';

13. Repeat a string for multiple times

To repeat a string for a specified number of time you can use a for loop. But using the repeat() method we can do it in a single line.

let str = ''; 
for(let i = 0; i < 5; i ++) { 
  str += 'Hello '; 
console.log(str); // Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello 

// Shorthand 
'Hello '.repeat(5);

Tip: Want to apologize to someone by sending 100 times “sorry”? Try it with `repeat()_` method. If you want to repeat each string in a new line, then add `\n_`_ to the string._


14. Exponent Power

We can use Math.pow() method to find the power of a number. There is a shorter syntax to do it with double asterik (**).

const power = Math.pow(4, 3); // 64 

// Shorthand 
const power = 4**3; // 64

15. Double NOT bitwise operator (~~)

The double NOT bitwise operator is a substitute for Math.floor() method.

const floor = Math.floor(6.8); // 6 

// Shorthand 
const floor = ~~6.8; // 6

16. Find max and min number in array

We can use for loop to loop through each value of array and find the max or min value. We can also use the Array.reduce() method to find the max and min number in array.But using spread operator we can do it in a single line.

// Shorthand 
const arr = [2, 8, 15, 4]; 
Math.max(...arr); // 15 
Math.min(...arr); // 2

17. For loop

To loop through an array we normally use the traditional for loop. We can make use of the for...of loop to iterate through arrays. To access the index of each value we can use loop.

let arr = [10, 20, 30, 40]; 

for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { 
//for of loop 
for (const val of arr) { 
//for in loop 
for (const index in arr) { 

We can also loop through object properties using loop.

let obj = {x: 20, y: 50}; 
for (const key in obj) { 

18. Merging of arrays

let arr1 = [20, 30]; 

let arr2 = arr1.concat([60, 80]); 
// [20, 30, 60, 80] 

let arr2 = [...arr1, 60, 80]; 
// [20, 30, 60, 80]

19. Deep cloning of multi-level object

To deep clone a multi-level object, we can iterate through each property and check if the current property contains an object. If yes, then do a recursive call to the same function by passing the current property value (i.e. the nested object).We can also do it by using JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse() in a single line.

let obj = {x: 20, y: {z: 30}}; 

const makeDeepClone = (obj) => { 
  let newObject = {}; 
  Object.keys(obj).map(key => { 
    if(typeof obj[key] === 'object'){ 
      newObject[key] = makeDeepClone(obj[key]); 
    } else { 
      newObject[key] = obj[key]; 
 return newObject; 
const cloneObj = makeDeepClone(obj); 

const cloneObj = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj));

20. Get character from string

let str = ''; 

str.charAt(2); // c 

str[2]; // c

Thanks for reading!

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