4 Handy Home Maintenance Tips

4 Handy Home Maintenance Tips

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No one wants to spend their Sunday on a ladder cleaning their home but whether you like it or not, you’ve to do it ultimately. After all, it is your responsibility to take care of your home. This will keep it in mint condition and also improve its chances of getting sold at higher rates, whenever you plan to sell it. If your home is properly maintained, it will have an edge over flats in latest residential projects in Mulund West.

Having said that, today we’re going to give you some handy tips using which you’ll be able to maintain your place effectively. Continue reading to know more about it.

Check for any Leakages

You should regularly check your house for any signs of leakages. If you see any water dripping from your roof, try to trace the leakage on your own first. Once you’ve traced the leakage, replace the leaking part or fill it with some type of adhesive and then cover it with cement. This tip will work fine only if the leakage is small and there isn’t much damage done to the roof. However, in case of large leakages and damages, it is always best to call in some expert because leaking roofs aren’t safe.

Fix Wobbly Fixtures

Leaking and dripping taps are some of the most irritating things that you get due to fixture failures. Not only are they constantly wasting water but they also create a mess beneath them. Therefore, to avoid such situations, it's always best to look out for wobbly fixtures beforehand. For this, you should check the handles of your taps and showers often so that if any of them is getting loose, you can fix them. In order to fix loose handles or pipes, use some expanding foam and apply it to the gap. When it will dry, it will fill the cavity, making the loose part tight again.

Get Rid of Squeaky Doors

Another common problem that almost all homeowners face every now and then is squeaking doors. The squeaky sound that doors make whenever you open them is because of their hinges. To stop doors from making this squeaky sound, you should oil them properly.

Usually oiling the hinges does the trick but if it doesn’t, then you can try deep oiling. Take out the pins from inside the hinges using a hammer and apply a coat of white grease, motor oil or cooking oil inside the hinges. After oiling the inside of the hinges, securely place the pins inside and fix them using a hammer. This will definitely stop the squeaking

Clear Your Drain Pipes

Another important thing that you should never forget to check and clean is the water drainage pipes. Especially the ones that are present on your roofs or terraces need timely cleaning because it is their job to get rid of extra water in case it’s raining.

These are some of the home maintenance tips that we hope will help you in caring for your home. So, when you have to put your 2 BHK flats for sale in Mulund West, you’ll get a good price for it.

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