GraphQL First in practice at Quri

GraphQL First in practice at Quri

GraphQL First, or “schema first”, development is a concept that was unveiled about a year ago when the Apollo Dev team first published an article about it and then described it in detail at GraphQL Summit in San Francisco

Everyday GraphQL First in action In there, when either a front-end or back-end developer wants to suggest some changes to the schema, we create a pull-request that adds a [feature.faker.graphql] file. We can then use the normal GitHub review process to provide feedback, approval or ask for some modifications. Both the front-end and back-end teams have to approve the changes for it to be merged and then implemented.

Let’s have a look at that development workflow. For that use case, we will assume I’m an engineer looking at some product specifications: we want to add to the user page a profile picture. We should be able to see a thumbnail, and, when clicking on the picture, the full-size image.

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