Pioneer Challenge: Overview

The Terminal hasn’t changed much since the 1980s. Every other aspect of your workflow is radically different. Especially in the last decade, we’ve seen companies transform industries with the advent of collaborative software: Figma (collaborative design), Github (collaborate code), G Suite (collaborative Word and Excel) and more.

We expect real-time collaboration to dominate future markets as the pandemic runs its course and forces people and businesses online en masse. An entire frontier is now wide open to ambitious engineers.

What, then, is next? We believe is ripe for innovation.

What would this look like in multiplayer mode, built for teams? Surely there’s an easier way to manage SSHing to AWS/GCP. How about chat, CMD+R across the team, and other plum integrations (Stack Overflow, Ruby docs, GPT-3)?

At the very least, reimagining the engineer’s command center is an interesting experiment. And if successful, your work has the potential to fundamentally change the work of every developer on the planet.

We’re excited to announce our second Pioneer Challenge:** Build a New Terminal.**

How It Works

This challenge has three distinct parts. Here’s an overview:

**Phase 1: The Hackathon. **A 48-hour hackathon anyone can join, starting August 7th.

5 winners are selected from the hackathon and are incorporated for free into companies, if they’d like. No equity is exchanged. (All participants receive free credits.)

**Phase 2: The Prototype Month. **The 5 companies spend a month building out their prototype. Weekly progress videos are shared on Frontier.

**Phase 3: The Championship. **After a month, the winning team is selected both by popular vote and our team. The winner is awarded Pioneer Gold: $20,000 in exchange for 5% of the company.

To get started, register with your name and past projects here.


If you refer the winning team to us, we’ll grant you 0.5% equity in the company. You’ll need them to register with a unique link you can generate for yourself here.

There might be extreme circumstances where we can’t grant you the equity (depending on the country you’re in, for example). We’ll attempt to exhaust all reasonable legal options to make good on this.

**Apply now: **

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Pioneer Challenge: Overview