GitHub Tips and Tricks

GitHub Tips and Tricks

GitHub Tips And Tricks. I've compiled a list of my favorite GitHub tips and tricks that I use in my workflow daily. Your local repository to a newly created private repo on Github. The git folder contains all the information that is tips and tricks. GitHub tips for beginners and experienced programmers. These tips will surely come in handy.

for beginners and experienced programmers.

Have you ever wondered where your local repository is stored? Is cloning the only way you have used to interact with a repo? Wondered what is SSH?

This article aims to contain a few of the many little gems hidden under the mountain that is GitHub. If you are a newbie or an experienced programmer, these tips will surely come in handy.

Where’s my local repo?

Imagine you clone an existing project to your local drive, or, you made a new folder a created a new repo with the git init command. You make changes, crash stuff, fix stuff, etc. (But mostly crash stuff)

But where IS the repo? Where is the location to store and track the changes taking place?

It’s the .git folder

You can see this folder by enabling to show hidden files, folders.

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