How to Create an Clubhouse Clone App?

How to Create an Clubhouse Clone App?

Clubhouse Clone is a highly-exclusive voice chat app that lets you start your app and launch instantly as it buzzes in the industry.

There are numerous social media platforms available in this digital era. But, not all social media apps are widely used. Everything has changed since the pandemic. Worldwide, people are forced to run their businesses in their homes. While some industries are emerging, the social media industry has gained many audiences during the pandemic. Let’s see the popularity of social media apps.

  • As of October 2020, 4.14 billion people across the world are using social media apps per day.
  • Compared to January 2020, 3.80 billion people are new users. This seems to be an incredible growth. 
  • On average, nearly 2 billion people log in to their social media account daily.
  • Nearly 60% of people are internet users and it is projected that nearly half of the world’s population might use social media apps by the mid of 2021.  

Why could Clubhouse be the next popular social networking platform?

So far, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular apps. Among these, Clubhouse makes the latest entry to this list and it is the most buzzing app on the iOS platform right now. Josh Felser, the co-founder of Clubhouse, said that “it’s either dead by July or it’s something big.” Let’s now know the Clubhouse usage statistics.

  • Officially, Clubhouse was launched in April 2020 and it has 10 million active users per week compared to December 2020; it is tremendous growth in a short period. In December 2020, there are only 600,000 users. 
  • Currently, its value is raised from $100 million to $1 billion. There is a raise of &10 million. 
  • Under the Social Networking Category, it is ranked 5 in the App Store as it is only available on iOS. They announced that they are planning to work on Android as well.
  • In January 2021, it had 2 million users. 

The growth of the Clubhouse is an eyeopener for many entrepreneurs across the world. It is an impressive growth with millions of users. The Clubhouse user growth over time is as follows.

Month - Clubhouse users

  • May 2020 - 1500
  • December 2020 - 600000
  • January 2020 - 2 million
  • February - 10 million 

You might be wondering about the popularity of the Clubhouse app. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the Clubhouse app is features they included. This made it unique among other social networking apps. This article is for you if you are planning to develop an audio-based social network app like Clubhouse. Let us see about the Clubhouse like app development process.

Clubhouse clone development - Build your app using the Clubhouse clone script

Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking app, where communications take place in audio-format only. Users can communicate in public or closed rooms. Three more roles for participants are included in the conversation. They are moderators, speakers, and listeners. Its use is there will be no interruption for users with each other while having conversations in this app. The clubhouse will let users exchange audio clips instead of texts, images, and videos. 

Its users choose to conduct meetings on any interesting topics. Some of the common topics which users widely preferred are sports, life, faith, places, wellness, and technology.

Clubhouse clone script is a replica of the Clubhouse app. It is a ready-to-use solution that empowers you to develop your Clubhouse clone app and launch instantly in the market. In general, you can develop your app in two different ways. One way is by creating your app from scratch and the other way is using the clone script. As there are numerous benefits in using the Clubhouse clone script than the traditional approach, many budding entrepreneurs wish to prefer the clone script.

Let's see a few of the benefits of the Clubhouse clone script here. It is a customizable solution and so you can add, delete, or modify any features. Choosing to develop your app using the clone script saves time and money. To cope with market trends and gain more audience, you can make necessary changes in the app.

Necessary features to include in the Clubhouse clone app

As you already know the social networking app popularity, you have to decide which features you want to include in your app that appeals to more users. Here are some of the Clubhouse clone features you can consider while developing your app.

  • Profile creation

You can allow users a straightforward profile creation process. So, they can enter only their name and phone number for registration. You can let them include a profile picture and a short description about themselves.

  • Clubhouse hallway

Using this feature, users can view the ongoing chat rooms. Also, they can search for someone using their name, invite someone to join, view the calendar with upcoming chat room dates, and manage their profile. 

  • Clubhouse rooms

This feature facilitates displaying the people's name in the chat room and letting them know what conversation is going on in the chat room. It acts as a podcast. Users can even leave/mute the room and explore other hallways. 

  • Clubhouse invitations

Users can invite someone to join the chat room only when a particular person is on their contact list. Once they sync the contact with the app, it is easy for them to search and invite people.

  • Moderation

It is one of the most essential features to include in your app. Currently, this feature is not effective in the Clubhouse app. 

What factors determine the cost of the Clubhouse clone app development process?

Basically, the price of the Clubhouse clone app might be higher depending on how advanced you need your app to be. It is very much clear that the cost of developing a social media app like Clubhouse depends on four elements. They are listed below.

  • Mobile app design
  • Features
  • Location of the app development company
  • Platform 

You might choose to launch your app on Android or iOS, or both. In a few cases, some entrepreneurs wish to launch their apps on both platforms. In such circumstances, the price might go higher. 

In what way can you earn money from the Clubhouse clone app?

One most important thing is to know the monetization ways in which you can earn revenue from the Clubhouse clone app. Four common strategies to consider are given below.

  • Subscription

You can charge your users who are accessing podcasts, private rooms, brands & company profiles, and short-term purposeful rooms. In this way, you can avoid fake users.   

  • In-app advertisements

You can let advertisers advertise/promote their brands in your app. Allow radio ads to show to specific users who are all interested in a particular brand. It is an efficient way to target a wide range of audiences as the active users of the Clubhouse like app is huge. This monetization strategy will work only if your app reaches many users.

  • Physical merchandise

Selling merchandise products gives you a considerable amount of money. This revenue generation method is also known to be a good marketing strategy. 

  • In-app purchases

You can let your users purchase digital products such as podcasts and e-books via the app. 

Approach a mobile app development company for developing the Clubhouse like app

Well, the article you went through gives clear insights into the Clubhouse app popularity, Clubhouse clone app benefits, features-set, monetization strategies, and cost. Now, you can jump into the Clubhouse like app development process. For that, you have to reach a mobile app development company. Consider some important factors like app design, features, functionality, payment gateway integrations, and much more. 

In a nutshell,

The clubhouse app is representing a changing demand for users. Yes, it is trending now, and it is coping up with top social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As many business people are unaware of the audio-based social apps, Clubhouse makes this possible. Why can’t you? It is the best time and a good decision to start planning to develop an audio-based social media app like Clubhouse.

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