Privacy Icons and Legal Design

Privacy Icons and Legal Design

Privacy Icons and Legal Design. Data ecosystem is rapidly shifting towards user-centric model. What factors affect how people perceive the value of their personal data?

During its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple spent time on one of today’s hottest topics — privacy. During the past couple of years, Apple has been rolling out various public campaigns aiming to position itself as a company that respects its customer’s privacy. This year’s WWDC had some remarkable issues related to privacy-related features in Apple’s products.

“When Apple was founded, the proposition was, ‘This is the personal computer. This is your own data.’ … As the world has evolved, [we] have continued to think … that the data that you create, the things you do with your computer–those are yours and should be under your control. You should be aware of what’s happening with your data.” — Craig Federighi, Apple

First of all, Apple reiterated its position that privacy is a fundamental human right and that it is trying to incorporate user privacy considerations into the product design process from the beginning. Furthermore, privacy for Apple has the following four elements:

  • Data minimization: Apple aims to make sure that Apple and anyone else (namely, app developers) can access the minimum amount of personal data of individuals;
  • On-device intelligence: Apple aims to avoid user data collection by processing as much information on the user device as possible (rather than sending it to a centralized server);
  • Security: Apple is making sure that everything that the individual does is secure;
  • Transparency and control: Apple aims to help its users better understand what data is being collected so that the user can make their own choices on how that data is used.

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