53 Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Templates 2020

Are you looking for the best Bootstrap admin dashboard? If you do, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to cover 50+ free Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard templates. All these templates are an excellent choice for your projects in 2020. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

1. Able Pro Bootstrap 4 Free Admin Template

50+ Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Templates 2020 1

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2. CoolAdmin – Bootstrap 4.1 Admin Dashboard Template

CoolAdmin - Bootstrap 4.1 Admin Dashboard Template

CoolAdmin is a 4.1 Bootstrap admin dashboard template. It offers a good collection of code snippets, charts, custom pages, utilities, and more! It also provides four different dashboard variants.

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3. Morioh Responsive Admin Template Bootstrap 4

Morioh Responsive Admin Template Bootstrap 4

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4. ngx-admin


ngx-admin is yet another excellent dashboard design template. It offers IoT dashboard, five different layouts, forms, UI features, maps, charts, and more! You can edit it as per your requirement.

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5. AdminLTE

AdminLTE - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

If you are looking for a free admin dashboard, then AdminLTE should be your choice. It offers an excellent responsive design built on the Bootstrap 4 framework. The dashboard is also customizable to the core.

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6. Gentelella

Gentelella - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Gentelella is a modern dashboard with all the key features, including forms, UI elements, tables, data presentation, and so on. It also comes with three different dashboards pre-sets and offers two layouts for maximum customization. They are planning to add a landing page to the dashboard soon.

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7. Themekit – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Themekit - Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Themekit is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template that is responsive, modern, and feature-rich. It offers proper navigation, animated charts, tables, forms, and so on. It also comes with layouts.

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8. StarAdmin


StarAdmin is an attractive and unique responsive admin template. It utilizes Bootstrap 4 and brings in all the customization for the user. It is feature-rich and can be used to build project management systems, CRM, CMS, or admin panels.

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9. SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2
SB Admin 2 utilizes HTML/CSS and Bootstrap 4 to provide an advanced admin theme. It lets you create modern web applications and dashboards. It also offers a flat material design that brings attractive color systems.

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10. Vali Admin

Vali Admin

Vali Admin is a modular, easy to customizable, free admin theme. It utilizes SASS, Boostrap 4, and Pug.js. Its key features include RTL support, chart, tables, multilevel menu, and much more!

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11. Matrix Bootstrap Admin

Matrix Bootstrap Admin

If you are looking for a necessary yet useful dashboard template, then check out the Matrix Admin. It is a modern admin template with features including 20+ page templates, basic table examples, icons, the profile page, and so on!

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12. Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

WrapPixel is a free-to-use admin dashboard template. It has more than 7K+ downloads and provides many features, including 7-page templates, 10 UI Components, ten integrated plugins, forms, tables, and more.

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13. PurpleAdmin


Purple Admin is an attractive, simple, colorful, and modern free admin template that you can use it in your project. It is a free admin template. It comes with many features, including clear commented code, easily customizable, and so on.

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14. ModularAdmin


ModularAdmin is a free dashboard design template that you can use on your projects. It offers a modular design and is easy to use.

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15. Stellar Admin

Stellar Admin

Stellar is a Bootstrap admin dashboard. It offers a well-organized code, UI elements, and simple design. It also works with advanced applications.

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16. CoreUI Free Bootstrap Admin Template

CoreUI Free Bootstrap Admin Template

CoreUI is an open-source Bootstrap admin template. It has a transparent and pure code which you can customize according to your requirement. It is also responsive, and you will have access to CoreUI Layout API.

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17. Sufee HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

Sufee HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

Sufee HTML5 Admin dashboard template is a responsive design with great code snippets. It can be utilized in different applications.

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18. CoreUI Free React Admin Template

CoreUI Free React Admin Template

The CoreUI free react admin template gives you access to the CoreUI Layout API, which provides you with complete project customization. It based on Bootstrap 4. It also comes in 6 versions. This one based on React.js.

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19. AdminWrap Bootstrap Lite

AdminWrap Bootstrap Lite

AdminWrap is a free to use admin template. It comes with a good number of features, including page templates, widgets, forms, tables, and UI components.

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20. Concept Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Concept Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Concept Boostrap 4 Admin template is an excellent template to use in your project as it offers code snippets, charts, different dashboard variations, and so on.

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21. CoreUI Vue – Free Bootstrap Admin Template

CoreUI Vue - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

CoreUI Free Vue Bootstrap based on CoreUI and Vue.js. It offers you the CoreUI Layout API, which, in return, gives you complete project customization.

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22. CoreUI Free Angular 2+ Admin Template

CoreUI Free Angular 2+ Admin Template

If you are looking for an Angular 2 version of the CoreUI admin template, then this one is for you. By using it, you get a plethora of features, including clear code, CoreUI layout API, and more!

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23. ElaAdmin HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

ElaAdmin HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

ElaAdmin is an HTML5 based admin template that also utilizes Bootstrap 4. It offers a good collection of components, forms, tables, charts, icons, maps, and widgets.

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24. Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard UI Kit offers you a good collection of UI components that you can use to build any simple or complex project of your choice.

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25. Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite
Ample Boostrap Admin Lite is an accessible Bootstrap admin dashboard with critical features such as widgets, tables, Sass Base CSS, chart options, and much more! The free version utilizes Bootstrap 3.3.7 whereas the pro version offers 4.2.1

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26. Sing App Vue Dashboard

Sing App Vue Dashboard

Sing App Vue Dashboard is an open-source and free admin dashboard with features such as responsive layout, Bootstrap 4, SCSS, and more. It also comes with tons of pages.

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27. Sleek Dashboard

Sleek Dashboard

The sleek dashboard is a free-to-use UI Kit and admin dashboard template. It utilizes modern technologies, including HTML, JS, and CSS. It is also intuitive, powerful, and customizable.

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28. Sing App Lite

Sing App Lite

Sing App Lite is an open-source and free admin dashboard template. It offers features such as typography, base charts, icons, maps, responsive layouts, and more!

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29. Ready Bootstrap Dashboard

Ready Bootstrap Dashboard

The Ready dashboard is a modern free Bootstrap admin template that offers five types of the dashboard, 14 components, 50 form input, 6 table types, three notification types, and 25 typography options.

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30. Bootstrap 4 Material Admin

Bootstrap 4 Material Admin

If you are looking for a Bootstrap 4 material admin template, then the Bootstrap 4 Material Admin is for you. It comes with 14 different widget types, charts, four demo tables, login screens, and sign up page.

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31. AdminPro Bootstrap Lite

AdminPro Bootstrap Lite

AdminPro Boostrap Lite is a lite version that offers a basic and straightforward admin template for your app. It utilizes Bootstrap 4 and offers ready-to-use widgets, table examples, chart options, and more!

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32. Atlantis Lite

Atlantis Lite

If you want to try out the Atlantis Bootstrap 4 admin template, then you need to check out the Atlantis-Lite, the free version. It is ideal for projects that require data visualization at its core. It offers two layouts and also comes with many UI components.

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33. Datta Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Datta Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Datta Able Bootstrap 4 is a modern template that can fit in most of the modern projects. It comes with a lot of components, including tabs, badges, buttons, icons, and so on. It has an ethical code structure and is easy to use and maintain.

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34. Admin Dashboard Template – Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

Admin Dashboard Template – Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

The Admin Dashboard Template is a free-to-use template that utilizes material design and Bootstrap 4. It can be easily installed and customized according to your project requirements.

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35. AdminCAST


AdminCAST is our next free admin dashboard template that utilizes Angular 5+ versions, and HTML. It also uses Bootstrap 4. The interface is perfect and adaptive.

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36. BootAdmin


If you are looking for a basic Bootstrap admin dashboard, then the BootAdmin is for you. It is a backend template with all the essential features covered.

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37. PaperAdmin

PaperAdmin is a single-page admin dashboard. It offers built-in components, including calendars, lists, and so on. You can quickly develop on top of this.

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38. Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite is yet another free admin dashboard template. With over 16K+ downloads, it is quite popular and gives you access to easy to modify code. It also comes with a 7-page template, 10 UI components, and so on.

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39. Polished Admin Template

Polished Admin Template

The Shopify Polaris theme inspires polished Admin Template. It integrates many elements and utilizes Boostrap v4.1.1.

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40. Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template comes with an intuitive and straightforward UI layout. It has basic features, including tables, UI elements, and other customization options.

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41. Azzara Bootstrap Dashboard

Azzara Bootstrap Dashboard

Azzara admin dashboard template is an elegant Bootstrap 4 admin template. It is handy when it comes to data visualization.

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42. Label Free Admin Template

Label Free Admin Template

Label-Free Admin template is a responsive template. It offers highly customizable components that can be used in your project. It is best suited for fast-loading applications.

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43. Agx Admin

Agx Admin

Agx Admin offers a high-quality UI design with a free-to-use license. It also comes in a PRO version that offers more features.

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44. Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite

Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite

Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite is quite an accessible free admin dashboard template. It supports Bootstrap 4 and offers basic features such as widgets, tables, forms, and so on!

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45. Chameleon Admin

Chameleon Admin

Chameleon is a lite modern, free-to-use Bootstrap dashboard template that utilizes HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap 4, and Gulp. It can be used in diverse projects, including eCommerce, CRM, Fitness, and so on!

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46. Arbano VueJS Admin

Arbano VueJS Admin

Arbano is a free Vue.js Admin Template, which is an ideal admin template for both business and personal usage. The light version is free, with limited features and functionality.

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47. Symfonator Admin

Symfonator Admin

Symfonator is a modern responsive Bootstrap 4 template. It is easy to install and use.

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48. RuangAdmin


RuangAdmin is a free control panel theme that is built on top of Bootstrap 4. It is easy-to-use and highly customizable.

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49. Swastika IO Admin

Swastika IO Admin

Swastika-IO-Admin is an admin panel dashboard. It can also be used as a portal, and it is based on Bootstrap 4.

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50. Medialoot Bootstrap 4 Dashboad Template

Medialoot Bootstrap 4 Dashboad Template

MediaLoot’s Bootstrap 4 Admin dashboard template lets you kickstart your project with an excellent and feature-rich admin panel.

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51. SB Admin Angular5 BS4

SB Admin Angular5 BS4

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52. Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard is a free template that you can use in your project. It is responsive and comes with multiple pages, including forms, login screen, tables, and so on.

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53. SB Admin

SB Admin

SB Admin is our last free Bootstrap admin dashboard. It is pretty neat and offers essential add-ons such as charts and tables. It also comes with different layouts and pages.

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53 Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Templates 2020

Codes candy


Its amazing colloection of Bootstrap admin dashboard template. Geeks this developed also based on Bootstrap.

Nayan Dalwadi

Nayan Dalwadi


DashboardKit - Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

DashboardKit Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Free Download - download

Premium - click here

Live Preview – Video

Embed Video –
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/X1EpcZXcD6A" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Preview Product Demo

Why DashboardKit?
DashboardKit is a Bootstrap 5 based Admin Template that comes with 170+ ready to use conceptual pages. We have made DashboardKit a really powerful backend template with having tons of UI components, form elements, charts, tables along with 7+ admin panels.
• Developer centric : Even a novice developer can customize the DashboardKit. Our code is readable and well optimized for any level of developer.
• Modern design : User experience is the major important part in DashboardKit. We’ve designed each page with conceptual user interface.
• Performance first : Code is handwritten from scratch & doing that we’ve achieved the best performance in DashboardKit.
• Well documented : Detailed documentation guide contains- Quick setup, Integrate into an existing project, How to use components, references, and changelog.
• Responsive : DashboardKit’s design renders fast & perfect on desktop, tablet & mobile without any lagging issue.
• Browsers Compatiblity : DashboardKit is well tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari(macOS) , Edge & Internet Explorer(>=IE11).
• Regular updates : Any bug fixes, new features, improvements in DashboardKit will always free.
• Support : You can submit us the issues or any new feature request via our email support dashboardkit[at]gmail[dot]com.

Technology Stack
• Bootstrap : Most popular design framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.
• Sass : Sass is a preprocessor scripting language that is interpreted or compiled into CSS.
• npm/Gulp : Node Package Manager with Gulp build system for the fast development.

DashboardKit free Bootstrap 5 admin template includes the basic layouts with below listed pages. For more features, please checkout pro version.

• Analytics Dashboard
• All Basic Bootstrap components
• 250+ Feather Icons
• Form Elements
• Bootstrap Basic Table
• Apex charts
• Google Map
• Login/Registration Pages
• Sample Page

We Solved your pain points?
You have seen lots of other admin templates but Is it really convenient for you? Has it resolve all your below pain points? We’re closely working on dashboard making since 2013 & we know the real pain points of our customer base.
• Hassle to start : Quickstart guide for start with DashboardKit. We also cover how to implement DashboardKit into your existing project with minimal effort. Guide for Quickstart
• Hard code structure : DashboardKit has a fully structured code with a well-commented guide that helps to ease your development.
• Hard to buid : We used Gulp build process for minification of CSS/Javascript files, the flexibility of repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient build pipelines. Check our Gulp helper guide.
• Components useability : You can easily access & use the DashboardKit’s all components using one-click code copy/paste mechanism. It will surely save your time.
• Responsive issues : Proper bug-free responsive design is a key factor for any project. DashboardKit is well optimized for that.
• Messy documentation : Simple easy to understand Documentation covers all aspects of setup, components guide, reference links, changelog.

Upgrated to Pro DashboardKit
For more Pages, UI components, forms variants & access to 7+ admin panels check out the Premium version of DashboardKit Bootstrap 5 Admin Template.

DashboardKit documentation helps you in all aspects related to setup, how to use components, plugins references & changelog. Please refer this link.

For support please contact us on dashboardkit[at].gmail[dot]com.

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Volt - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard

Volt Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Preview

Volt is a free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 100 components, 11 example pages and 3 customized plugins. Volt does not require jQuery as a dependency meaning that every library and script’s are jQuery free.

Bootstrap 5 Components

Because it is created using the latest version of Bootstrap 5, every components and element is based on the latest Bootstrap 5 Sass variables and HTML markup. Check out the documentation of the components here.

11 Example pages

We created no less than 11 advanced example pages such as the overview page, transactions, user settings, sign in and sign up and many more.

Full documentation

Every component, plugin and getting started is thoroughly documented on our online documentation.


This product is built using the following widely used technologies:

  • Most popular CSS Framework Bootstrap
  • Productive workflow tool Gulp
  • Awesome CSS preprocessor Sass

Table of Contents


Dashboard Transactions Settings Forms
Dashboard Transactions Settings Forms
Sign in Sign up Forgot password Reset password
Sign in Sign up Forgot Password Reset password
Lock Profile 404 Not Found 500 Server Error Documentation
Lock Profile 404 Not Found 500 Server Error Documentation

Quick start

  1. Download from Themesberg or clone this repository
  2. Download the project’s zip
  3. Make sure you have Node locally installed.
  4. Download Gulp Command Line Interface to be able to use gulp in your Terminal.
npm install gulp-cli -g
  1. After installing Gulp, run npm install in the main volt/ folder to download all the project dependencies. You’ll find them in the node_modules/ folder.
npm install
  1. Run gulp in the volt/ folder to serve the project files using BrowserSync. Running gulp will compile the theme and open /index.html in your main browser.

While the gulp command is running, files in the assets/scss/, assets/js/ and components/ folders will be monitored for changes. Files from the assets/scss/ folder will generate injected CSS.

Hit CTRL+C to terminate the gulp command. This will stop the local server from running.

Theme without Sass, Gulp or Npm

If you’d like to get a version of our theme without Sass, Gulp or Npm, we’ve got you covered. Run the following command:

gulp build:dev

This will generate a folder html&css which will have unminified CSS, Html and Javascript.

Minified version

If you’d like to compile the code and get a minified version of the HTML and CSS just run the following Gulp command:

gulp build:dist

This will generate a folder dist which will have minified CSS, Html and Javascript.


The documentation for Volt is hosted on our website.

File Structure

Within the download you’ll find the following directories and files:

Volt Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard
├── README.md
├── gulpfile.js
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
└── src
    ├── assets
    │   ├── img
    │   └── js
    ├── index.html
    ├── pages
    │   ├── components
    │   ├── dashboard
    │   ├── examples
    │   ├── settings.html
    │   ├── tables
    │   └── transactions.html
    ├── partials
    │   ├── _analytics.html
    │   ├── _footer.html
    │   ├── _head.html
    │   ├── _navigation.html
    │   ├── _pages-preview.html
    │   ├── _preloader.html
    │   ├── _scripts.html
    │   └── dashboard
    └── scss
        ├── volt
        └── volt.scss

Browser Support

At present, we officially aim to support the last two versions of the following browsers:


Reporting Issues

We use GitHub Issues as the official bug tracker for Volt Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard. Here are some advices for our users that want to report an issue:

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Volt Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard. Check the CHANGELOG from your dashboard on our website.
  2. Providing us reproducible steps for the issue will shorten the time it takes for it to be fixed.
  3. Some issues may be browser specific, so specifying in what browser you encountered the issue might help.

Technical Support or Questions

If you have questions or need help integrating the product please contact us instead of opening an issue.


Useful Links

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/themesberg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themesberg/

Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/themesberg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themesberg/

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Brain  Crist

Brain Crist


Citrix Bugs Allow Unauthenticated Code Injection, Data Theft

Multiple vulnerabilities in the Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Gateway would allow code injection, information disclosure and denial of service, the networking vendor announced Tuesday. Four of the bugs are exploitable by an unauthenticated, remote attacker.

The Citrix products (formerly known as NetScaler ADC and Gateway) are used for application-aware traffic management and secure remote access, respectively, and are installed in at least 80,000 companies in 158 countries, according to a December assessment from Positive Technologies.

Other flaws announced Tuesday also affect Citrix SD-WAN WANOP appliances, models 4000-WO, 4100-WO, 5000-WO and 5100-WO.

Attacks on the management interface of the products could result in system compromise by an unauthenticated user on the management network; or system compromise through cross-site scripting (XSS). Attackers could also create a download link for the device which, if downloaded and then executed by an unauthenticated user on the management network, could result in the compromise of a local computer.

“Customers who have configured their systems in accordance with Citrix recommendations [i.e., to have this interface separated from the network and protected by a firewall] have significantly reduced their risk from attacks to the management interface,” according to the vendor.

Threat actors could also mount attacks on Virtual IPs (VIPs). VIPs, among other things, are used to provide users with a unique IP address for communicating with network resources for applications that do not allow multiple connections or users from the same IP address.

The VIP attacks include denial of service against either the Gateway or Authentication virtual servers by an unauthenticated user; or remote port scanning of the internal network by an authenticated Citrix Gateway user.

“Attackers can only discern whether a TLS connection is possible with the port and cannot communicate further with the end devices,” according to the critical Citrix advisory. “Customers who have not enabled either the Gateway or Authentication virtual servers are not at risk from attacks that are applicable to those servers. Other virtual servers e.g. load balancing and content switching virtual servers are not affected by these issues.”

A final vulnerability has been found in Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Linux that would allow a local logged-on user of a Linux system with that plug-in installed to elevate their privileges to an administrator account on that computer, the company said.

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Saanvi  Sen

Saanvi Sen


15+Remarkable Bootstrap Admin Template With Datatable 2020 - ThemeSelection

If you are looking for some best bootstrap admin template with datatable, then this collection is for you…!!

#bootstrap #admin #template #datatable #free

Saanvi  Sen

Saanvi Sen


10+ Bootstrap E-commerce Admin Template Free Download - ThemeSelection

This is an amazing collection of Bootstrap E-commerce admin panel templates. With all the necessary features that an e-commerce website should have with elegant design and accuracy of delivering the best user experience.It will surely help you to find the best one for you.

#bootstrap #e-commerce #admin #template #free