Mulesoft Cloudhub Deployment using Azure DevOps

Mulesoft Cloudhub Deployment using Azure DevOps

Mulesoft Cloudhub Deployment using Azure DevOps: This article gives a brief overview of Azure DevOps and the detailed steps on deploying a Mule application into Cloudhub.

Azure DevOps is a Microsoft SaaS platform that provides end to end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying applications.

Here, we are going to implement an Azure pipeline for deploying Mule applications into Cloudhub.

Azure Repos is a repository for the source code which is managed by version control. We can have multiple repositories under a single project and multiple branches under each repository as per the requirement. Here is a sample project “DemoApp” under which there is a repository named “DemoApp”. It consists of a Mule application “demo-app-azure-DevOps”.

Edit pom.xml of the Mule application and include the below lines under both __ and __ sections






















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