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Layne Fadel


Back to GraphQL Summit Worldwide

Calling all GraphQL developers; the biggest and most interactive GraphQL conference is back: GraphQL Summit Worldwide.


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Back to GraphQL Summit Worldwide
Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


GraphQL Summit Worldwide is back!

Developers attend GraphQL Summit to get inspired and take back the knowledge they can share with their teams. We love talks with a unique perspective, teach the audience something new, and push the GraphQL community forward.

All talks should be 20 minutes long and allow for 10 minutes of live Q/A with the audience. Dig it? Sweet 🙂 We look forward to reading your submission!

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Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2021 [Recap]

Well folks, that’s another GraphQL Summit Worldwide in the books . We heard some talks on client-side GraphQL, federation, subscriptions, and testing. Since the last summit, we’ve released a number of new tools to help you build better with GraphQL. Here’s a highlight of some of the latest and greatest from Apollo.

  • Getting started
  • Register, test, deploy
  • Design your federated graph

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Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


Speak at GraphQL Summit!

At Apollo, we’ve been hard at work helping to showcase the amazing stories and projects that have surfaced in the past few months. We’ve organized one [GraphQL meetup] already and there’s another coming up [tomorrow].

With [all] [the] [amazing] [GraphQL] happening in conferences and meetups around the world, and the fact that there never seemed to be enough room in our meetup lineups for everyone we wanted to hear from, we decided it was time to plan a conference dedicated entirely to GraphQL.

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Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


GraphQL Summit tickets are here!

Stay tuned for discounts and schedule updates!

In the coming weeks, we’ll announce the rest of the speakers, talk abstracts, a formal agenda, AND some time-sensitive opportunities to snag discounted tickets. Make sure to follow [@graphqlsummit] on Twitter to catch them all!

Once you’ve bought your ticket (or if you just want to hang), you can connect with other attendees ahead of the conference in the #graphqlsummit channel on [Apollo Slack].

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Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


What I Learned At GraphQL Summit

From the two days of talks, roundtables, and hallway conversations, some exciting themes emerged at Summit:

  • GraphQL is mature and growing.
  • The data  graph provides numerous architectural advantages for companies with rich client-side experiences.
  • The React Hooks (useQuery) + Apollo stack is solid.
  • There’s no free lunch in software.

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