Dynamically display tasks in Power BI

Dynamically display tasks in Power BI

Dynamically display tasks in Power BI. Tricky tasks sometimes can be solved easier than you can imagine, with little DAX magic!

A few weeks ago, I was working on a request from our Customer Support department. Essentially, the business request was to enable supervisors to dynamically filter the tasks that need to be performed.

Since supervisors also have their own tasks, they should be able to dynamically switch views between their own tasks, and tasks from all representatives.


As usual, DAX offers a handy solution to your challenges. This time, I will use one of the information functions…Or to be more precise, not one, but two of them, which are very similar, but still produce different results in different environments.

Let’s start with the USERNAME() function. This function will return you the domain name and user name of the current connection. So, if I create measures like this:

My User = USERNAME()

And put it in a simple card visual, here’s what I get:

Image for post

USERPRINCIPALNAME() will return the UPN (User Principal Name). Depending on your settings, in Power BI Desktop, the result can be exactly the same as for the USERNAME() function (as in my case), or it can return the email address of the user that is signed in to Power BI Desktop.

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