Running Keras using Cygwin Shell

Running Keras using Cygwin Shell

Running Keras using Cygwin - How to make your Operation Team Proud

How to make your Operation Team Proud

The Purpose

Several weeks ago one of our business unit members told me that “life can be more convenient” if they will be able to run our DL engines on their servers. The notion “servers” means running on Cygwin engines where python is not always installed and if it is, the version is unknown and obviously no packages such as Keras or Pytorch can be installed (due to inner constrain). Ideally speaking from his side was having a shell tool that performs DL tasks. At that time I knew well how Torch or Keras work when I use them on my PC, but taking a models and “Cygwin” them? I knew nothing about. Probably some of the readers are claiming now, “well it is trivial” they are right. However, when I began to work on it I found that there are many websites that discuss many of the actions but nothing is an end to end description. This is the motivation of this post.

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