Test GNOME apps on this Linux reference platform

Test GNOME apps on this Linux reference platform

Introducing GNOME OS, the plain-vanilla Linux reference platform that makes it easier to test GNOME applications and bug reports.

I'm very excited about GNOME 3.38. The new version of the Linux desktop environment includes lots of new features and a noticeable performance boost. But in the background, mostly unnoticed, is another neat new thing about GNOME: the development of GNOME OS.

As you might guess from its name, GNOME OS is a Linux distribution that uses GNOME as its desktop. But unlike Pop!_OS, Fedora, or Ubuntu, GNOME OS isn't meant as a complete Linux distribution. Instead, it is a reference platform for GNOME.

The idea is to have a standard operating system image running GNOME to give developers a consistent platform to test on. As GNOME makes new releases, the GNOME development team can share that image with testers, so they can experience the new version.

This is significant for GNOME testing. Previously, if someone reported a bug in a GNOME application, a developer would have to dig into the bug report and determine if the bug is really in the GNOME desktop or if it happened because the distribution did something or tweaked something in GNOME that had a knockdown effect on a GNOME application. But with GNOME OS, developers have a standard reference platform that is always a vanilla version of GNOME. Developers can reproduce bug reports using GNOME OS; if they can reproduce the bug, they know it's really with GNOME and not someone else's "spin" on GNOME.

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