How to convert a kotlin source file to a java source file

How to convert a kotlin source file to a java source file

What is the difference between&nbsp;<code>var</code>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<code>val</code>&nbsp;in Kotlin?

What is the difference between var and val in Kotlin?

I have gone through this link:

As stated on this link:

The full syntax of a read-only property declaration differs from a mutable one in two ways: it starts with val instead of var and does not allow a setter.

But just before there is an example which uses a setter.

fun copyAddress(address: Address): Address {
    val result = Address() // there's no 'new' keyword in Kotlin = // accessors are called
    result.street = address.street
    // ...
    return result

What is the exact difference between var and val?

Why do we need both?

This is not a duplicate of Variables in Kotlin, differences with Java. var vs val? as I am asking about the doubt related to the particular example in the documentation and not just in general.

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