2020 Best Online Masters in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science – Updated

2020 Best Online Masters in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science – Updated

We provide an updated list of best online Masters in AI, Analytics, and Data Science, including rankings, tuition, and duration of the education program.

The current pandemic has profoundly changed many things, but the demand for AI and Data Science education has not decreased. What has changed is that move to online education has accelerated.

Many more universities now offer online degrees, including in AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning, so we have limited this directory mostly to universities that have Top Universities CS Rankings. Many thanks to Asel Mendis for collecting most of the data used in this blog.

We published a similar list in 2017 and in 2019.

Here is our 2020 directory of the best online Master Degree programs for AI, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

CS Rank is Top Universities Computer and Information Systems graduate programs rank. They provide individual ranking for the top 50 schools, and then ranges (51-100, 101-150, etc) for the next 450 schools.

Fig. 1 below shows the ranking vs tuition for schools with rank < 500. Where ranking is a range, we took the midpoint of that range. Ms Analytics Data Science Online 2020

Fig. 1: Top online MS in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science.

Only schools with Top Universities CS Ranking < 500 are shown.

The shape/color correspond to the type of degree: blue circle for Analytics, green square for business, and purple triangle for Data Science. Shape size corresponds to the length of education.

Some observations:

  • Almost all schools in this list are from US, except for DSTI (France), Imperial College (UK), Liverpool (UK), and Queens University (Canada).
  • While we don't have all data for 2019 tuition, we saw many schools increase the tuition in 2020. This trend cannot continue for long.
  • We don't see much correlation between the school ranking and tuition.
  • Some programs in Business Analytics are very expensive (Rice is $121,000), while Georgia Tech is only $9,900. Given the ease and many choices of getting good education online, it is doubtful that many schools outside of the very top few will be able to continue to charge such high tuition for online education.

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