Multiple form submit upon last form PHP

Multiple form submit upon last form PHP

I am working on a web application using PHP and sql on localhost using wamp server.

I am working on a web application using PHP and sql on localhost using wamp server.

I have a requirement to make multiple forms Like personal details, Physical detail medical detail and religion detail with save button for each form in each page of a form. For these forms I designed database tables separately, like personal detail , medical, religion and users details have separate database tables with primary key and a foreign key of User Id from user table to distinguish records specific to each user.

  1. My problem now is what approach will I use to submit all forms with single button? Before submitting my application checks whether all required fields are filled or not if filledthen it would submit all pre filled forms.
  2. Second question is when user submits all forms with single click
  3. where is data is to be stored ?

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