How pass named arguments with parameters to aws batch?

How pass named arguments with parameters to aws batch?

Consider piece of aws batch job definition:

Consider piece of aws batch job definition:

    Type: "AWS::Batch::JobDefinition"
        Type: container
        Parameters: {}
        JobDefinitionName: "my-job-name"
                - "java"
                - "-jar"
                - "my-application-SNAPSHOT.jar"
                - "--param1"
                - "Ref::param1"
                - "--param2"
                - "Ref::param2"

Which result to call:

java -jar my-application-SNAPSHOT.jar --param1 someValue1 --param2 someValue2

How change job definition to make it llike that (notice equal sign):

java -jar my-application-SNAPSHOT.jar --param1=someValue1 --param2=someValue2

Please note that Ref::param1 it is not cloudformation template params, but aws batch job params.

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