How to Create Smart Layouts for Vue.js Project

How to Create Smart Layouts for Vue.js Project

In this Vue tricks article I decided to show you tricks how to create smart layouts for VueJS project.

Hi VueJS lovers!

Today, I’d like to talk with you about layouts system for your VueJS application. My friend Philipp was asking me how to add different layouts for his bakery application. After hours of googling, he found some interesting tricks and asking me what I’m thinking about VueJS layouts. In this article I decided to share my mind about this topic and show you tricks how to create smart layouts for VueJS project.

But before we start, ask yourself one question:

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“What’s wrong with current VueJS layouts?”

The answer is simple:

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“They do not exist”

How VueJS developers usually solve this problem? The most common approach is creating higher order component and add it to all pages.

    <h1>Here is my page content</h1>

import MyLayout from '@/layouts/MyLayout.vue'

export default {
  name: 'MyPage',
  components: { MyLayout }

Higher order component example

I see the couple of problems with that approach:

  1. We should import our layouts over and over on different pages.
  2. We should wrap our content with that layout components.
  3. It makes our code a bit more complicated and force components be responsible to render layouts.

On one hand it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m impressed with NuxtJS approach to add layouts and want to create something similar. If you are not familiar with NuxtJS way, I can say two words: “It’s amazing”. You can define your layout as a component’s property and you shouldn’t add higher order components to add layouts into your application. But let’s forget NuxtJS for now and look what can we do with layouts in VueJS.


Let’s start and create a new vue project with Vue CLI

vue create vue-layouts

Feel free to choose between Vue2+ and Vue3+.

Cleaning up the project

We should clean our project and remove unused file created by vue cli.

First of all, remove HelloWorld.vue component and components folder. In this project it won’t be needed. In Home.vue we should remove import to HelloWorld.vue component.

Remove assets folder with content and create a new file views/Contacts.vue.

After removing unused files our projects is looking like:

  <div id="app">
    <div id="nav">
      <router-link to="/">Home</router-link> |
      <router-link to="/about">About</router-link> |
      <router-link to="/contacts">Contacts</router-link>

#app {
  font-family: Avenir, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
  -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
  -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
  text-align: center;
  color: #2c3e50;

#nav {
  padding: 30px;

#nav a {
  font-weight: bold;
  color: #2c3e50;

#nav a.router-link-exact-active {
  color: #42b983;


    <h1>This is a home page</h1>

export default {
  name: 'Home'


    <h1>This is a contacts page</h1>

export default {
  name: "Contacts"


import Vue from 'vue'
import VueRouter from 'vue-router'


const routes = [
    path: '/',
    name: 'Home',
    component: () => import('@/views/Home.vue')
    path: '/about',
    name: 'About',
    component: () => import('@/views/About.vue')
    path: '/contacts',
    name: 'Contacts',
    component: () => import('@/views/Contacts.vue')

const router = new VueRouter({
  mode: 'history',
  base: process.env.BASE_URL,

export default router


Now we’re ready to create our layouts.

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