Create A Transactionally Consistent Copy Of Azure SQL Database

Create A Transactionally Consistent Copy Of Azure SQL Database

In this article, we implement a copy of the Azure SQL database using both Azure Web Portal and Azure CLI.

In this article, we implement a copy of the Azure SQL database using both Azure Web Portal and Azure CLI.

Database professionals implement regular database changes in the production environment. Usually, SQL Server DBA either backup the affected objects, schema, or takes full backup or the database snapshots. If you move from on-premise SQL Server to Azure SQL database, you must be aware of how to make a transactionally consistent copy for your database.


You require a source Azure SQL Database before you plan to prepare a copy of it. For this purpose, you do the following:

For this article lab purpose, we have the following database:

  • Server name:
  • Location: Central India
  • Pricing tier: General Purpose: Gen5, 2 vCores
  • Elastic pool: No

An overview of creating database copy in the Azure SQL database

Azure SQL DB can create a transactionally consistent copy or snapshot of the database from your source database. It provides a point in time consistent copy of the database once a user places a request for it. The data copy is an asynchronous process. The database copy operation uses the Active geo-replication topology for data copy. Once the data copy completes, the new database becomes an independent, fully functional database. It terminates the geo-replication link as well.

Connect to your Azure database in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Here, I have a sample database [sqlshack] as shown in the below image.

azure sql azure azure sql

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