Which is the most valuable among CCIE, HCIE, H3CIE?

Which is the most valuable among CCIE, HCIE, H3CIE?

Most folks who are considered to be highly motivated and let's keep it at that level since if you aren’t highly motivated, you would probably never achieve a CCIE in years.

CCIE will release a new version of EI this year, and SDN will be added into its technical system. Its technical system will be more complete and more difficult, but it will also increase the gold content of its certificate.

The technical system of HCIE and CCIE is basically the same. Compared with Cisco, Huawei has one more interview in the certification process, which is a little more difficult than the Cisco exam.

H3CIE is not a "training-based certification" compared to the first two. The target group is people with long-term experience in the field of network technology, who are familiar with the network equipment and have solid theoretical knowledge.

From the view of work.

CCIE enjoys high international recognition. (Most of the foreign countries have much plastic shell equipment)

HCIE enjoys high recognition in China. (Huawei has more equipment in China)

H3CIE enjoys high recognition in domestic and industrial fields. (H3CIE has the same order as Huawei, without considering the use of equipment)

H3CIE and HCIE have something in common. It depends on which company you will choose in the future, of course, it is best to learn them all.

Just choose a certification you like. For domestic candidates, HCIE is recommended.

The overall positioning of H3CIE-RS+ is slightly lower than the other two.

Just choose one between CCIE and HCIE.

Which is the most valuable among CCIE, HCIE, H3CIE?

  1. Read the questions carefully. It's very important to check all the pre-configured IP addresses carefully.

  2. Allocate exam time for each section reasonably.

  3. Take each CCIE Lab Exam as a unit. When you finish this question and are about to do the next one, it is important to check and verify your answer first. Similarly, you should draw a new topology that is more suitable for you to complete the exam according to the topology provided by the CCIE Lab Exam paper. It will help you better understand the structure of the network.

  4. Correct the mistakes. You must know how to use the appropriate tools to correct the mistakes. While it's important to correct mistakes, don't spend too much time on the job (especially those questions which only worth two or three points and do not connect to other questions). If you encounter very strange problems, don't waste too much energy on it. It will not be too late to turn back to the unfamiliar questions after you finish those familiar and easier ones.

  5. Test the task you have completed. Never be too confident in the command you have configured several hours ago. Because any command you configure later may make your previous configuration invalid. Realize that configuration always needs testing and only verified configuration is effective.

  6. Remember to save your configuration often.

  7. Don't change the configuration at will. Don't change your configuration at will when there is only half an hour of exam time left.

Identify the questions carefully and pay attention to check of your answers. Don't knock blindly. You don't have to finish all the configuration of R1 and then that of R2 as soon as you touch your keyboard. You need to finish one layer at a time, so that it will be easy to locate the problem if there is.

Keep these tips in your mind so that you will pass the CCIE certification and get the CCIE certificate.

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