How to Deploy Your JavaScript Application

How to Deploy Your JavaScript Application

We’ll go over the quickest and easiest way on how to deploy your JavaScript application on to Heroku, using Git, Node, Node Package Manager(NPM), and Express.

Have you just finished your first JavaScript application and are now wondering “How do I get my application online?” In this tutorial, we’ll go over the quickest and easiest way on how to deploy your JavaScript application on to Heroku, using GitNodeNode Package Manager(NPM), and Express.

Heroku, is a cloud-based platform which offers a free plan for web developers to manage and deploy their projects. In order to utilize their services, we will have to sign up.

0. Prerequisites

Before we get started, please verify that Git, Node and NPM is installed by running the below commands in your terminal:

$ means to run the command in your terminal.

$ node --version

If Node is not installed, download it here.

$ npm --version

NPM is normally installed alongside with Node. However, if NPM isn’t installed on your system, try to reinstall a more current version of Node.

$ git --version

If Git is not installed, download it here. After Git is installed, let’s initialize a local repository for our application.

$ git init

1. Install Heroku CLI

Once we have signed up for Heroku and installed all prerequisites, install the Heroku CLI and login through your terminal.

$ heroku login

heroku express javascript nodejs programming

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