Turnkeytown’s Just Eat Clone is a remarkable online food ordering and delivery solution that’s exceptional in every aspect. Amassing a global user base has never been this easier. Highly Scalable and Ready to Launch!

People in today's world are quite busy with their work schedules, and they find it hard to allocate time to cook daily. That's why the restaurants are there all around the corner to grab favourite food. With the current trend, mobile application software has bridged the gap between the restaurant services and the consumers like never before. The on-demand food delivery business is advancing at a tremendous speed. The on-demand services have attracted almost all the industry, and the food delivery services are positively the most significant one.

JustEat Clone app UI

JustEat clone app is an on-demand food delivery app providing people to place an order for food from a nearby restaurant and enjoy their choice of food coming at their doorstep. Now is the right time to commence your food delivery business straightaway in your vicinity with the JustEat clone app. To launch your JustEat clone app, you don't need to possess any programming or technical skill. Our skilled developers in Turnkey Town are here to help you launch your Justeat clone mobile application. The multifeatured JustEat clone app solution assures you to provide you with the best user-friendly features. The JustEat clone app script offered by our team of developers is highly flexible and offers a rich quality script, which accounts for its distinctive uniqueness. Indeed, the JustEat clone App solution is highly reliable and customisable as per the business requirements.

Below are some of the highlighting features you may add further to your app to make it more marketable

Special note: While ordering the food, customers can add notes to the restaurant service providers. Notes may include adding toppings to the dishes or any other alterations they want to let the service provider know. The app will send these directives to the restaurant service provider directly.

Call/Chat service: This feature can enable the service provider and the customer to contact each other either through call or text in the app.

Live location tracking: It enables the customers to track the live locations of the food delivery person from the time the order has been picked up from the restaurant.

Status of the order: This feature helps customer to know about the status of their order.

Auto Dispatch: When the food gets prepared to be delivered, the app lets dispatch the order immediately to the nearby drivers. So, this feature helps the food to deliver to customers on time.

So, why wait? Seize the opportunity of launching your custom JustEat Clone app and become an affluent entrepreneur.

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