Salting and Hashing Explained

Salting and Hashing Explained

Learn how hashing and salt protect user data as well as how to use them in Node.js

Learn how hashing and salt protect user data as well as how to use them in Node.js

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User information and data are highly sensitive information that must be secure. Therefore, it is highly necessary that robust measures are taken to protect it at all costs. Furthermore, passwords should never be stored as plain text on a database. They should be strongly encrypted to avoid chaos among users.

In this article, we will discuss how salt and hashing work to encrypt user passwords as well as the risks inherent with storing sensitive user information in plain text.

How Hashing Works

A hashing algorithm (MD5 hash) grabs the user-input password and converts it into an indecipherable string. This is called a hashed password. Anyone who launches an attack on your database cannot make sense of it because hashing works only one way. This means that once a password is hashed, you can’t go back the other way around to convert it into plain text again. And for this reason, hashing user passwords is a crucial task that should be done when designing the back end.

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