Vue js Setup With Parcel Tutorial From Scratch

Vue js Setup With Parcel Tutorial From Scratch

Vue js Setup With Parcel Tutorial From Scratch. Parceljs is the module bundler with zero configuration. Vue is the view library which is a combination of React.js and Angular as per some experts.

Vue js Setup With Parcel Tutorial From Scratch is the today‚Äôs topic. In this example, you will see how we can use Parcelas a module bundler for Vue.js web development. Most of the time, we have used webpackas a module bundler. It is very famous right now. But to configure the webpack is tedious. You need to have some knowledge about webpack plugins and configuration. Parcel solves this problem. It arrives with Zero configuration. That is why today I am showing you how you can use Parcel for your next Vue.js project. If you are new to parcel then check out my Parcel Web Application Bundler Tutorial.

Vue js Setup With Parcel Tutorial

First, we need to create a package.json file. So create one project folder and go to that folder.

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