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Monitoring Spring Boot Microservices

Build comprehensive monitoring capabilities for Spring Boot Microservice using Spring Boot Actuator, Micrometer and Prometheus.


Observability, which is comprised of monitoring, logging, tracing, and alerting aspects, is an important architectural concern when using microservices and event-driven architecture (EDA) styles, primarily because:

  • A large number of deployments require automation and centralization of monitoring/observability
  • The asynchronous and distributed nature of the architecture results in difficulties related to correlating metrics produced from multiple components

Addressing this architectural concern provides simplified management and quick turn-around time for resolving runtime issues. It also provides insights that can help in making informed architectural, design, deployment, and infrastructure decisions to improve non-functional characteristics of the platform. Additionally, useful business/operations insights can be obtained by engineering emission, collection, and visualization of custom metrics.

Monitoring is mainly comprised of the following four sets of activities:

  • Instrumentation of the application(s) — Instrumenting the application to emit the metrics that are of importance to the application monitoring and maintenance teams, as well as for the business users. There are many non-intrusive ways for emitting metrics, the most popular ones being “byte-code instrumentation,” “aspect-oriented programming,” and “JMX.”
  • Metrics collection — Collecting metrics from the applications and persisting them in a repository/data-store. The repository then provides a way to query and aggregate data for visualization. Some of the popular collectors are Prometheus, StatsD, and DataDaog. Most of the metrics collection tools are time-series repositories and provide advanced querying capability.
  • Metrics visualization — Visualization tools query the metrics repository to build views and dashboards for end-user consumption. They provide rich user interface to perform various kinds of operations on the metrics, such as aggregation, drill-down, and so on.
  • Alerts and Notifications — When metrics breach defined thresholds (for instance CPU is more than 80% for more than 10 minutes), human intervention might be required. For that, alerting and notifications are important. Most visualization tools provide alerting and notification ability.

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Monitoring Spring Boot Microservices