Enumerations in Python

Enumerations in Python

Enumerations in Python. An enumeration is a set of symbolic names (members) bound to unique, constant values.


Before getting into all the Pythonic stuff, let’s get started with the question, “what is enumeration.” This way, when you have a problem or task to be done in any programming language, you’ll have a better understanding of whether using enumerations, aka enums (programming language), is a good fit to solve it.

Now, coming to the question: Enumeration is an action of mentioning several things one by one. It emphasizes the fact that things are being particularly identified and listed one at a time.

Now that we know what enumeration is, the next question is: What is its necessity in a programming language like Python? For starters, we can use the enumeration concept when we know all possible values, such as days of the week, at compile time.

In my professional opinion, it’s better to organize constants or a set of values using enums instead of cluttering your code with constants.

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