Why I love React

Why I love React

My top reasons for preferring React when it comes to web dev

If you are planning to lay your hands in web development, most likely you might have a dilemma in mind: how to begin? I think that this question crosses the mind of every developer who’s trying to begin something new. Since there are so many wonderful languages and libraries out there, it’s hard to pick and choose. I went through a similar kind of situation because I wasn’t able to decide whether to switch to React from traditional HTML or not. Nonetheless, I went ahead and started learning React JS from scratch. Next, I fell in love with it.

If you’re in a similar situation like I was, I’m here to help you out. I’ll list out my favorite things about React which convinced me to stick with it.

Reason #1: Easy to learn

React is something that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to completely figure it out. React incorporates JSX which makes it incredibly simple to code using HTML elements and JavaScript functions side by side. In my personal experience, I learned the basics of React within 2–3 days of practice(however I still have a lot of concepts to get through). Start with building a basic website with few components and keep playing around with the code. Soon, you’ll find yourself slowly familiarizing yourself with how components, states, and props work in React. Keep scaling up the complexity of your website with small steps forward and efficiently use Stack Overflow when you run into any kind of error.

Reason #2: Tons of great libraries and dependencies

React is not completely like our traditional HTML. It combines the power of JavaScript with HTML to make it robust. In other words, they also call it as JSX. And since it uses JavaScript, there are millions of third-party JavaScript libraries which makes web development a breeze. If I had to list a few, here are some: React-router for navigation, Bootstrap for great CSS styling and UI design, Prettier for code formatting, React motion for animations and the list continues to go on. The huge amount of such libraries allows the users to have multiple options on their table when designing their websites. Besides, installing dependencies to React makes our lives much easier! Just type npm install <dependency name> and you will be set. No zip-files download required!

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