How CSS-in-JS Libraries Work

How CSS-in-JS Libraries Work

We're going to learn about CSS-in-JS work. The most famous and used CSS-in-JS library is Styled Components.The powers of this technique and how we can create better applications by writing our CSS code with JavaScript.

The internals of CSS-in-JS Libraries as described with styled-components

Let’s look at an example of how to style a div with styled-components.

import styled from 'styled-components';  

const AwesomeStyledDiv = styled.div`  
    width: 20px;  
    height: 10px;  
    background-color: blue; 

In the above example we’ve:

  1. Imported something from styled-components called styled.
  2. Defined what HTML element to style, in this case, a div.
  3. Added some styling to this div.

AwesomeStyledDiv can now be used like any other React Component defined in your project.

If you’ve worked with styled-components you’ve probably written something like this hundreds of times, but have you ever wondered how this syntax gets translated into a styled div?

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