JavaScript — Build your object a builder!

JavaScript — Build your object a builder!

The builder pattern. When developing your app, sometimes you may encounter difficulties in constructing complex objects.

Design Patterns

Before we will go over the builder design pattern, let’s briefly go over design patterns in general.

What is a Design Pattern?

A design pattern is a general and reusable solution for common problems you may encounter when designing your software. Each design pattern solves a different problem and can be customized to your use case with much ease.

Why do we need them?

One of the main reasons we need design patterns is to make our software very changeable, so it will be maintainable and will support future changes.

All software programs have to change and modify or they will cease to exist. The amount of time we spend on maintaining a software program is bigger than the amount of time it takes us to develop the program.

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The Builder Design Pattern

What it is and how to implement it in JavaScript. the builder pattern is a creational design pattern that’s used when you need to construct complex objects that can take many optional and required parameters to create a single object

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